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In the latest issue of InsideOut magazine, we have two of our residential projects featured in the UAE home section!

The first one, titled “New and Improved” is the home of Debbie Cope (founder of House Hunters Real Estate) which features the beautiful Oak Oyster wood floor by Kährs Artisan Collection. Debbie selected the beautiful floor to complete her Hamptons-inspired home, and what a beautiful match it is! The floor looks absolutely amazing in combination with the relaxed, easy-breezy furniture and silver decorative details.

“Through the Looking Glass” is the second home – a breathtaking penthouse in Dubai Marina that was designed by “starchitect” Victor Udzenija (founder of Viktor Udzenija Architecture + Design). The glamorous home features Oak Nouveau Bronze by Kährs Classic Nouveau Collection. The warm honey-toned floor creates a luxurious and cozy base for all the designer furniture and complements each piece beautifully.

What a difference some wood flooring can do to a home, regardless of style! And with a repertoire of over 160 floors, we can guarantee a floor to suit yours.

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 Images by InsideOut




If minimalism is your thing, but you want to add a pop of interest and warmth to your interiors, then we can recommend the striking Jatoba La Paz FSC floor by Kährs World Collection. This red/brown floor made from FSC® certified Jatoba wood gives a strong impression with its unique colour, beautifully aging and incredible durability and hardness – ideal for areas with high traffic or activity – which is further enhanced by its factory-finished silk matt lacquer surface.

Jatoba grows in Central and South America, and is sometimes known as the Brazilian cherry. Jatoba is often used for hardwearing products such as handrails, sports equipment and floors because of its hardness.

 Images by Mäklarhuset Örebro




In the latest issue of InsideOut magazine, you will find a feature on one of our clients’ apartments in Dubai Marina. Mr Wilfred, who lives in the apartment with his two adorable dogs Pierre and  Chu Chu, selected the beautiful Ash Gotland wood floor from Kährs Nordic Naturals Collection. Ash Gotland is a light, exclusive 1-strip floor with nature’s own design showing through its dramatic knots and a lively structure. A characteristic is its bi-colour pattern. The darker core in Ash creates fantastic patterns and makes this a very special floor.

Here is a sneak peak from InsideOut magazine’s app version for tablets. Don’t forget that you can download the app for free today to read the full interview with Mr Wilfred to find out about his story and thinking behind his eccentric home.


Images by Svend Dyrvig/InsideOut




All hail this beautiful converted post office apartment in Stockholm. This simply goes to show how a beautiful dark, rustic floor with shades of brown and black combined with a monochromatic furnishing is ultimately the most classic and elegant look you can go for. An interior scheme you (and your feet!) will never tire of!

To get the look, opt for Oak Soil by Kährs Harmony Collection. Combined with the floor’s distinctive wood texture, the deep brown nature oil patina breathes history and elegance.

Images by Blackbird and Nordic Homeworx




I was just flipping through the latest issue of InsideOut magazine, when I came across Natuzzi‘s advertisement with the slogan “Benvenuti a casa/Welcome home.” Naturally, as we are in the wood flooring business, my eyes shot straight down to the black floor in the picture (and then to the furniture, of course). So I decided to dedicate this post to the bold and beautiful that is black wood flooring.

The concept of having a black floor can be a little bit hard to grasp and might seem like too much of a daring choice, but when applied in the correct space in your home that allows for the right amount of light and with beautifully contrasting furniture and decor, the combination is absolutely breathtaking – and anything but dark and dull. Why not create a graphic theme out of it? One thing is for certain – trends may come and go, but clean lines and classic colours are certainly here to stay.

Kährs offers several options for charcoal-black flooring, and our absolute favourite is Oak Nouveau Charcoal, by Kährs Classic Nouveau Collection. This floor is appropriately named after its charcoal-black colour and has a beautiful brushed texture and a durable matt lacquered factory-finish that is heavenly to walk barefoot on.

Images by Trendenser and Annaleenas Hem




The floor is the key element of a home. With a supreme, timeless, elegant and classic herringbone patterned wood floor we suggest you aim for minimal styling, preferably contrasting a natural/dark stained oak floor with clean and light furnishings. Simply a winning combination that will give your home a timeless elegance.

Kährs Elegance Collection contains three beautiful herringbone floors that are absolute perfection.

Images by IKEA, Items by Designbird and Nordic Homeworx




This apartment in the Dubai Marina not only has a breathtaking view over the infamous Palm Jumeirah, but has an interior that is beautifully balanced between dramatic and harmonious with its classic-modern/European Renaissance decor. The stunning floor, Ash Gotland, just adds to its overall perfection – a better suited floor could not have been chosen for this home’s personality.

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 Images by Nordic Homeworx




Oak Trollaborg from Kährs Craftsman collection is a tribute to the classically rustic, hand-crafted look that is reminiscent of the natural Swedish cottages in the green countryside.

The collection consists of a series of exclusive 1-strip oak flooring distinguished by a dramatic, rustic character and a raw vintage feel. Craftsman Collection includes six nature oiled 1-strip floors, from powdery white to dark smoke grey. Hand processed in different ways to emphasize grain and knots and to produce a unique surface that enhances the wood’s structure.

Oak Trollaborg was chosen as the floor for our new showroom/office space in Dubai, where our focus has been to create a holistic modern Scandinavian ambiance, and acts as a perfect representation of our Swedish heritage.




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