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Craftsmanship at The Workshop | Downtown Design


We welcome you to watch while two Danish Master Craftsmen showcase their skills & craftsmanship by creating Danish design classics live on top of Oak Hultaby wood flooring by Kährs Craftsman Collection.

Craftsmanship at The Workshop | Downtown Design 
29 October – 01 November, 2013
Daily Trade opening hours: 12.00 pm – 5.00 pm*
*Show open to Trade & General Public 5.00 pm – 8.00 pm

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October is finally here and we’re already noticing a significant change in the atmosphere, with the clearer skies, shorter days and lower temperatures.

We are loving autumn’s naturally cooler, earthy and “dusted berry” tones that are famously associated with this time of year, a combination of hues that naturally create a sense of harmony.

Interested in making that cozy feeling permanent? Kährs Oak Slate wood floor has the perfect balance between blueish, gray and brown tones in a really rustic, smoked and handscraped finish, while Kährs Oak Nouveau Haze is a cleaner grade floor with a modern city look with its beautiful warm gray tone and white grains.

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Old meets new and modern in this charming loft apartment. The already extremely bright space gets further enhanced with the white wood floor, clean lines, sheer curtains and minimal, monochrome furniture.

Kährs Oak Nouveau Snow wood floor has a distinct white hue on a naturally colour varying oak, with defining white bevels and occasional white and darker knots. The surface is brushed and matt lacquered to enhance the natural wood feeling. A classic and hardwearing wood floor that will last for generations.

Images by Fantastic Frank & Nordic Homeworx




Last weekend we had the pleasure of taking pictures of this cozy bungalow-style Green Community villa owned by a lovely Turkish family. It is always a pleasure to see a beautiful wood floor such as Kährs Crater Oak in a real family home. The wood flooring itself is very interesting. Not only is it smoked with lots of knots and gnarls but it is also handscraped, giving the floor that ultimate rustic feel that feels heavenly underfoot. Even the family cat loves it.

The first thought that came to mind when we entered the home was: Orient Express and its glory-days. With classic European-style wallpapers and panelling, old antiquities, rustic furniture and beautifully aged Turkish leather and textiles (including the two beautiful floor-cushions which were originally a couple of 100-year old carpets), this home exemplifies East-meets-West.

Along with a large dose of that well-known Turkish hospitality from the owner, we really felt that this home really is just that – hospitable and cozy. A real home.

To view more images of this home, please click here.

Images by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx




This home has everything we love – white, smooth walls with soft oak wood flooring and a beautiful natural light that creates a stylish base with a large dose of both charm and interest. Overall a very clean and simple space with focus on the few, but beautiful furnishings (that copper Tom Dixon lamp + clear chairs + solid raw wood dining table combo is a definite winner in our eyes).

To get this look, opt for Oak Weimar from Kährs European Naturals Collection – a narrow 1-strip floor in selected Swedish oak. With bevelled edges, brushed surface and matt lacquered finish that gives maximum wood feeling.

Images by Bolaget & Nordic Homeworx



Mystical Morocco – the land of magical, vibrant hues.

Warm colours are made with orange, red, yellow and combinations of them all. As the name indicates, they tend to make you think of sunlight and heat, and are often used to make large rooms look cosier.

Reminiscent of a romantic Moroccan sunset, opt for suave terracottas, rusty reds, dirty yellows, mellow oranges, earthy browns and dusted lilacs to create a sense of raw tranquility and intimacy. Kährs dual-certified FSC® and Fairtrade wood floors Rauli/Roble Cautin and Rauli/Roble Tierra are perfect examples of such beautifully rich and warm hues.

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We recently had the pleasure of having a  photo shoot in our clients’ Mirador villa in Arabian Ranches – a beautiful and bright family home fully fitted with Kährs wood flooring. This home bathes in natural sunlight throughout the day and strongly reminds us of the French Riviera/Côte d’Azur with its plethora of glamorous furnishings and unique decorative gems combined with rustic, romantic touches. And that gorgeous Cocker Spaniel pup! Precious.

Kährs Oak Hultaby is a really rustic 1-strip wood floor where the surface is handcrafted to enhance the beauty of the knots and cracks. The floor is surface-treated with a natural white oil in the factory, making it the perfect choice for a family home with children and pets. A heavy-duty floor that is guaranteed to last for generations.

For more images, click here.

Kährs Oak Hultaby
Kährs Oak HultabyKährs Oak HultabyKährs Oak HultabyKährs Oak HultabyImages by Studio Zee for Nordic Homeworx




Weekday Carnival shows us how to create a sense of zen and harmony with shades of white and natural wood.

Images by Weekday Carnival




Shabby chic is a beautiful interior design style, made famous by British designer Rachel Ashwell in the late 1980’s.

The main characteristic of shabby chic interior design is aged furniture. It could be chosen for its appearance of age with all these signs of wear and tear or it can be distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique. The first step is to create a change to items already in place. This requires the ability to think creatively. Consider how your furniture would look like in a different colour. An ordinary mirror can affect the feel of a room if you paint the frame and polish it to bring out the feeling that the mirror has been around for decades. The goal of Shabby Chic is getting new items look as if they are old beloved heirlooms, things that will be passed along through generations.

However, Shabby Chic is about so much more than just the details. Having a clean base in the room is extremely important to create the appropriate setting, as with any interior design scheme. You can never go wrong with the timeless combination of crisp white walls and a rustic wood floor such as Kährs Oak Danaborg or Kährs Oak Oyster to create the perfect base!

To get some real-life inspiration, check out our client’s beautiful Shabby Chic Arabian Ranches Mirador villa here!

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Yet another stunning home by the Swedish real estate agents Fantastic Frank. We are loving the elegant white wood floor, which serves as a perfect base for the home. Combining a white wood floor with white walls and fixtures makes the floor more subtle in its beauty, where it won’t overpower the remaining elements such as beautiful furniture pieces and artwork. Thereby, de-cluttering. It also brightens up the space, allowing for the natural light to reflect off it beautifully.

Oak Nouveau Snow by Kährs Classic Nouveau Collection has a distinct white hue on a naturally colour varying oak, with white bevels and occasional white and darker knots. The surface is brushed and matt lacquered. An elegant floor skilfully crafted by Kährs using sustainably sourced Swedish oak wood. A floor that is as beautiful as it is easy to look after – a floor that lasts for generations.

Images by Fantastic Frank and Nordic Homeworx