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Kährs technical documents

Kährs Linnea 7 mm
Kährs Spirit 10 mm
Kährs Original 14 mm
Kährs Original 15 mm
Kährs Supreme Grande 20 mm
Kährs Activity Floor 30 mm
Declaration of Performance 2016


Instructions on installing Kährs flooring

Installation Guide – Woodloc® 5S
Advice for installing Woodloc® 5S
Installation instructions – Woodloc®

Installation Guide – Chevron
Installation Guide – Tongue & Groove glue down
Installation instructions – Two layer
Installation instructions – Activity Floor-Woodloc® 5S
Subfloor requirements & Underfloor heating


Wall design with wood flooring

Wood offers a wide variety of design. Wall design with Kährs wood flooring as wall panels is an interesting addition that enhances the natural feeling in a room. Thus, a completely stylish ambiance is created with a high comfort factor. We have created assembly instructions for how to install Kährs Original 15 mm wood flooring on walls:

Kährs Wall panel Assembly instructions – 15 mm


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