Nordic Homeworx offers deep cleaning and refreshing treatments for both oiled and lacquered floors. For residential environments maintenance services are typically recommended every 1-2 years, while for commercial environments maintenance services are typically recommended 2-4 times per year.


How often the floor needs maintaining depends on use, cleaning, exposure to sunlight etc.  Keep in mind more frequent maintenance treatments carried out in the first year gives an extra-strong, moisture resistant and easily cleanable surface.



1. Maintenance Service of Lacquered Floor Finish Includes:

• Deep cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming and using Kährs Cleaner to remove all surface build-up.

• Kährs Lacquer Refresher is then used to increased gloss value and provide a protective top layer leaving an easy to clean surface.

• Removal of surface scratches, as much as possible leaving the floor looking revived.


2. Maintenance Service of Oiled Floor Finish Includes:

• Deep Cleaning by vacuuming and using Kährs cleaner to remove all surface build-up.

• Kährs Remover is then used to do an even deeper clean, removing all dirt absorbed into the wood.

• The surface is then given a new oil treatment enhancing the colour and natural beauty of the floor.


3. Repair Service:

• Nordic Homeworx can assist in cases where the floor has been damaged. We can even replace a single damaged plank (depending on the availability of floor) without it affecting the entire floor. Give us a call on tel. 04 369 55 69 and we can schedule a site-inspection and give you a quick quotation on the associated costs.


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