An extensive assortment of wood floors


Thickness: 15-20 mm. Resandable: 2-4 times.

A common element of the Kährs Supreme collections is the high level of attention to detail. We have combined Kährs’ tradition of wood floor manufacturing with outstanding craftsmanship by skilled professionals.


Thickness: 15 mm. Resandable: 2-3 times.

Kährs ID is our brand new concept for developing the next generation of cutting edge wood floors. Based on our extensive experience of working with wood, and the traditional methods of wood floor manufacturing, we’ve explored and developed new pathways and possibilities.


Thickness: 15 mm. Resandable: 2-3 times.

Kährs Original is constructed using our patented parquet technology and consists of three separate layers with a total thickness of 15 mm. The surface layer is 3.5 mm thick, allowing each floor to be sanded up to 3 times. Kährs Original is suitable for a wide range of settings, from homes and offices, to retail spaces.


Thickness: 10 mm. Resandable: 1 time.

Kährs Spirit range of 1-strip floors has been specifically developed with the environment in mind, using the latest technologies and innovation. Kährs Spirit is available in a variety of tones and wood species that bring out the beauty of natural wood.


Thickness: 7 mm. Resandable: Not resandable.

Kährs Linnea is a wood veneer floor, created using Kährs’ patented three-layer parquet technology. Designed primarily for use in residential applications, Kährs Linnea is durable, easy to install and easy to maintain. It is also ideal for areas where a thicker floor may be difficult to install.


Thickness: 30 mm. Resandable: 2-3 times.

Kährs Activity Floor is 30 mm thick – including an extra fourth layer. Consisting of several layers of polyethylene and polyether, this extra layer offers the correct energy absorption qualities necessary for sports flooring.