Wood exposed to normal sunlight is subject to colour changes. As with all natural products made from wood, these changes are expected and add to the beauty and distinctiveness of wood floors. If you move or rearrange rugs and furniture periodically, you avoid distinct lines between the exposed and unexposed areas of the floor. The swatches show the shades that different wood species will turn after 2–3 years’ of exposure to normal sunlight.


A combination of the wood’s structure and hardness determines how durable the floor is. The hardness of the wood varies according to species and is measured using the Brinell method. The stated value is calculated by taking the mean value of a large number of measurements of a finished floor. The harder the wood, the higher the value will be. However, due to the structure of the wood, relatively large variations can occur, so we recommend against evaluating the hardness of the wood based on the Brinell value alone.

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