We caught up with our client Antonia to hear about her experience with Nordic Homeworx and how she’s enjoying her Kährs wood flooring.

How was your overall experience with Nordic Homeworx?


The entire experience was fantastic from the showroom experience, to help with choosing the right floor, the whole installation and the knowledge of the staff. Everybody knew what they were dealing with and what they were talking about in terms of the product. You often find the quick sale then they leave you alone. Even the service afterwards, we have had one oiling it was easy and efficient and you have so much more value of your floor.


What would you say your experience has been in terms of Wood Flooring in this climate?


Actually I find these floors extremely low maintenance. You oil it and it really lives off the oil, and if we find dry spots, spots we use frequently, we just quickly oil them again. Basically I didn’t find the climate to be a problem at all. In our house the maximum temperature we reach is usually 27-28 Degrees and the floor actually tolerates this quite well. Yes sometimes you get some noises but I find that belongs to wood and makes this a living atmosphere. It’s a natural product and you kind of want it to feel and behave naturally and we put the AC on in only the hot hours of the day. Otherwise it’s a too much of a change from inside to outside and the floor is coping with it really well. I have never had any issues with it. I wouldn’t be worried about that.


Difference from Tiles to Wood


Small children, they run they play and they fall, and the tiles you always get cuts or bruises and now they just laugh about it and get up again. The floor also has a little padding underneath it’s a little bit more flexible then we’ve got the hand scraping on the surface which has a lot more grip and traction and its perfect they don’t really slip that much. Where as with the tiles, l am always worried about the stairs it is the only place where we have tiles left and the bathrooms and that’s always slippery. Plus to be frank in the wintertime it does get chilly and the tiles are always cold and the wood floor always has a nice temperature so you never really feel really cold.


What I find really nice is when you’ve had a long day running around you take off your shoes and you take off your socks and you just walk on the wood, it’s like a holiday for your feet like a spa treatment. Because it is hand scraped it gives you a walking sensation that is really comfortable. For the children, they drop things the floor takes it all. It’s so difficult to get a dent into this because its Oak which is so sturdy. They draw they colour even if they drop a glass of water and you just wipe it up you don’t see anything. It’s not like oh my god you have to be super careful with it and the floor won’t take it. Because the floor is oiled it takes up so much. If you keep up with the maintenance, which is an easy thing to do, I don’t find this floor very difficult. It has so much more room climate and adds so much more to the whole atmosphere of the house, which has completely changed since we put it in. With this floor whatever type of furniture you put on it, it brings out the colour more it makes it more lively.


Do you think this floor increases the value of your home?


I do actually think this floor increases the value of houses a lot more and more, what I have heard from friends that more and more people are looking for a nice living climate. Certainly the floor plays a big factor. Tiles and marble looks nice but they also have a “don’t step on me look”. With the wood floors you have a really good footing. You have a connection with the floor.


I actually also know this also from Real Estate agents who have seen the house after we put in the floor and they have told us that this has increased the value of your house a lot. It is an added benefit and not only European nationalities but I think a lot of nationalities are looking for this now. People sort of seem to say tiles and the marble is nice in places but not all over. They look for the change.


And for my liking I like these long planks and naturalness about it. There are different types of wood flooring but for our purposes this was the best. Something a bit rustic but still has a bit of elegance about it. It is like an added piece of furniture, it sounds strange but its true. The floor is not cheap but I think its worth it and we are happy with it. We look back and we had an apartment before this house and we have always said we should have put wood flooring in. It would have just made the quality of living, not even thinking about the re-sale value but just the quality of living would have been so much better.