We caught up with our client Natasha to hear about her experience with Nordic Homeworx and how she’s enjoying her Kährs wood flooring.

Q: How was your overall experience with Nordic Homeworx?


A: We have had a great experience. Your team was great as well, especially Philipe, from the time we went to choose the flooring. Philipe was introduced to us by Debbie [Cope]. He was actually very fabulous and patient, because we took a while to choose and we went back and forth and stuff. Your installation team also they were perfect, Jamil was great, even later on we had a few issues and they came and sorted it out, actually even a year later.


Not many places you get this kind of customer service. I recommended you all to loads of friends, everyone who walks into this house falls in love with the flooring, its easy to look after, we have a dog in the house and we have no issues. It’s perfect.


Q: Were you concerned about your dog when buying your floor?


A: Yes, some say pets will scratch the wood floors. We’ve had parquet flooring before, but we’ve never dealt with real wood flooring, so we were a little bit concerned seeing as it is an investment. But it is definitely suitable; very easy to maintain and we’ve had no issues with our dog. In fact it’s nice because it has grains and grooves in it – actually it is a very good floor for our dog as it gives him good grip to walk on. He loves it!


Q: What made you choose Kährs Oak Oyster in particular?


A: Our existing floor was a rosewood-coloured parquet and we wanted something light to brighten up this house. Kährs Oak Oyster is absolutely beautiful. The older it gets, the colour changes for the good, and it’s a very rustic look. It’s in our bedrooms as well, and we’re really happy; it’s got a really good feel to it. We walk barefoot on the flooring and it just feels so food. And it did take a bit of time because we thought, should we go for a darker floor for up? We like walnut too, so we brought planks home and we sat with it for a week. But then we went with the lighter one eventually and kept the same floor throughout the house.


In fact I had a client who wanted to sell her house, she was a friend as well, and she came over and said she loves this flooring. And eventually she said ‘I’m not selling my home, I’m just going to put this flooring down and it will look fabulous!’


Q: Is there anything reason in particular that you think we stand out from other companies that you have dealt with during your renovations?


A: You guys definitely stand out in customer service. That’s something you don’t get in Dubai very often. We have experience because we have been here for 14 years and we have had a lot of renovations done in our house.


Definitely Kährs (Nordic Homeworx) and the people we dealt with, like Philipe and Jamil, and even yourselves- it’s been a pleasure. Just great customer satisfaction and after-sales is also good, even a year later. That’s not what you expect from a lot of companies here. Definitely a big deal for getting work done!


Q: Did you find our installers kept/left your house clean?


A: Yes, we didn’t have to do anything. They brought the vacuum cleaner, cleaned, oiled and everything. The floor was cleaned and oiled and everything was done. And the team that was brought in really knew what they were doing. They were very professional and very fast.


The whole downstairs was laid out in three days, including the skirting and everything. It was perfect.


Q: Seeing you are a real estate agent, in your experience, do you feel that this flooring increases the value of a house?


A: I think so, because the houses that I did sell with the flooring really got a very good price on the house because not only does it really present well, people can appreciate the fact that a flooring has been in the house for an extended amount of time and is really good quality.


When taking clients to view several houses you can see they find a house with the wood flooring much more appealing than a house of the same style, look and layout without the wood flooring. The moment they walk into a house with this flooring, the client is always wowed by it.