The Design Dos And Don’ts Of Using White Wood Floor For Your Home Interiors

October 8, 2019

Homes with white wooden floors are a sight to behold. These interiors are like a blank canvas that can show off the raw beauty of your furniture and other design elements. White floors coupled with white walls create the illusion of an expanse. White-space designs are very popular in the Nordic countries for ages and are now becoming increasingly popular all around the world. While white wood floorings are great to have, designing and maintaining it perfectly can be quite a task. In this blog, designers from our flooring company share practical tips to approach white toned wood floorings and how to incorporate them into your Dubai home interiors.

What is the best way to use white wood floorings?

When you are working with white wood floorings, you should always remember that they add the illusion of space to a room. If you have smaller rooms in your home which you want to look bigger and brighter, then white wood floors along with whitewashed walls are a good way to go. Such rooms have a soft quality to it where textures, contours and other colors look accentuated.

You can also play around with different techniques, type and finish of the white hardwood floorings to lend your rooms a chic and minimalistic look or a rustic and beachy vibe. However, accessorizing these rooms must be done carefully. Since the rooms look larger than they are, it is easy to clutter it with too much furniture or antique elements. Whether you are looking for a casual or a more sleek look, it is better to keep the furniture to the bare minimum.

What are some of the white wood floors recommended from  Kährs?

Some of our most popular Kährs white toned wood floors available at our flooring company are mentioned below:

Ash Blizzard From Lodge Collection

Ash Blizzard has a very pale, snow-white finish that can create a refined expression that suits a variety of interiors. This 2-strip ash floor has four-sided bevelling at the edges to give a classic full plank look and feel. The planks are also coated with a matt lacquer finish to eliminate glare and protect against daily wear.

Ash Alabaster From Harmony Collection

This powdery white stain on the Ash Alabaster 3-strip ash floor creates a seamless and uniform feeling. Each board is carefully brushed to bring out its characteristic grain and natural timber texture. The boards have a four-sided micro-bevelling at the edges, ensuring a classic full plank look and feel. The matt lacquer finish protects the floorboards from daily wear and eliminates glare.

Ash Air From Lux Collection

Ash Air is a single-strip floor with a clean, even grade timber and a weightless white stain. The four-sided micro-bevelling gives the floor a full plank look and feel. The ultra-matt lacquer finish enhances the natural variations of the wood, thereby creating the impression of a newly sawn timber. This helps eliminate glare and protect the floor from daily wear as well.

What is the best way to maintain the white toned floors?

As expected, white floors are more susceptible to dust and dirt and may show them easier than other floor types. It is not impossible to upkeep these wood flooring but has to be done regularly.

To maintain these wood floors, experts at our flooring company recommend the use of specialized cleaning and maintenance products from Kährs. Dirt stains and scratches can also be mended with the help of clear sprays, refreshers, and the Kährs floor care kit.

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