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Kährs wood floors represent timeless elegance, combining the fascination of nature with high quality flooring technology.

These floors exhibit durability and versatility, perfectly blending into a variety of interiors ranging from residential to commercial settings such as offices, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. Choosing the best flooring solution might be difficult in the face of so many possibilities. However, our wood flooring variety may improve the look of your home and workspace.

Kährs wood flooring elevates places with its authentic appeal thanks to a diverse range of wood types, colours, and installation solutions.
Our wood floors are a popular choice for clients who want the warmth and sophistication of natural wood in their interiors because of their long-lasting durability, incredible resilience, and ease of maintenance and installation.

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Care and Upkeep for Kährs Wood Flooring

Proper care is vital to preserve the pristine condition of your Kährs wood flooring over time. It entails simple yet crucial maintenance influenced by factors like usage, hygiene, and sunlight exposure.

Focused attention during the initial year ensures a robust, moisture-resistant surface that remains easy to maintain. Subsequent maintenance, usually performed once or twice a year, maintains the floor’s resilience, while high-traffic areas might require more frequent care. The frequency of maintenance directly impacts the floor’s longevity and beauty.

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After-Sales Support and Maintenance Assistance

Wood is a living material sensitive to environmental elements like humidity, temperature, and cleaning routines, significantly affecting its appearance. Understanding these factors is crucial in preserving its qualities. Nordic provides after-sales support and specialised maintenance assistance and products designed by Kährs to streamline routine cleaning, preserving the wood’s inherent durability and beauty effortlessly.

At Nordic Homeworx in Dubai, expert assistance is available about wood floor maintenance and cleaning, ensuring your wood flooring remains in optimal condition for many years.

Need Wood Flooring Advice

Our flooring consultants will gladly answer any inquiries or address any issues you may have. Nordic Homeworx advisors are available to meet with you in our Dubai showroom or online. They will find the best wood flooring solution to meet your preferences and demands.

We can also arrange a complimentary measurement of your project and provide a customised proposal for your choice.

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