Vinyl & Vinyl-Free Floors

Kährs Luxury Tiles – Vinyl and Vinyl-Free Floors combine the beautiful and natural appearance of wood and stone with all the benefits of modern resilient flooring. These floors are highly durable and suitable for all types of interiors, from hotels to offices, restaurants to retail stores, private homes to hospitals etc.

It is certainly overwhelming to select the most modern flooring due to the extensive variety and numerous design innovations. However, you can elevate your home aesthetics and workspace with our LVT (Vinyl) flooring, which comes in both wood and stone design, in a wide range of neutral color schemes, intricate finishes and layouts. Because of its unmatched durability, remarkable resilience, and ease of installation, these vinyl floors are highly popular with our clients seeking an alternative/complement to natural wood flooring.

Kährs Aware: Vinyl-Free Floors

We are proud to introduce a brand new type of flooring – Kährs Aware. It is an entirely bio-based vinyl-free range of floors made of reclaimed, recycled and natural fibers. It’s a durable hybrid flooring collection designed for the modern consumer seeking comfort with no compromises on design.


The Aware line is made from natural, bio-based materials – such as natural and recycled fibers from the textile industry, repurposed wood, and cork – which have earned it accreditation from the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, one of the market’s most stringent environmental labels.

Kährs Aware is a sturdy floor that gives you the natural wood sensation, designed to resist the daily wear and tear of both family life and business use.

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We can also arrange a complimentary measurement of your project and provide a customised proposal for your choice.

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Key Features of Bio-Based Aware Flooring


A pleasant and warm sensation when you walk on Aware flooring, thanks to a particular comfort layer that gives a cozy, wood-like feel while minimizing sounds in the room.

2. Easy Installation

For a 2-way installation, there are click-joints on both the short and long sides.

3. Sustainability

This natural flooring – with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – is made from recycled bio-based elements such as cork from wine corks, textile fibers, and HDF from recovered wood.

4. A Natural Container of CO2

Aware is composed of cork and wood, both of which are natural CO2 carriers that bind carbon dioxide.

5. Durable & Versatile

With 33 classification, Aware is suitable for demanding commercial situations such as shops and restaurants as well as for family life.

6. Air Quality Improved

For better indoor air quality, this flooring doesn’t contain plastic, PVC or other dangerous materials.


Why Choose Kährs Vinyl Floor

Kährs boasts a legacy of flooring innovation, pioneering contemporary multilayer parquet and glue-free joints for wood floors. Their history spans over 150 years in Nybro, Sweden, a place where their expertise is as rich as the surrounding forest. With this heritage and innovative drive, Kährs has set a new benchmark in vinyl flooring through the Luxury Tiles series.

Kährs Luxury Tile flooring is a unique combination of beauty and functionality. It ensures wear resistance, sound reduction, and easy maintenance of vinyl flooring combined with the timeless allure of wood or stone. Because of a durable vinyl core and a ceramic top that protects against scratches and moisture damage, these floors provide optimal wear resistance and durability. Installation is simple with a user-friendly click system, allowing for easy DIY setup, even over underfloor heating for extra comfort.

With a wide range of options of Luxury Tiles, you can find the perfect match for any room size or decor style. Kährs floors are inspired by Swedish classic style and modern elegance, and come in a variety of natural wood and stone looks in a variety of hues. LVT flooring’s diverse design options provide unlimited opportunities for mixing and matching to create exciting patterns that suit your individual preferences.

Kährs prioritizes eco-friendly vinyl flooring as part of its commitment to ecologically beneficial methods. All of their vinyl floors are phthalate-free, and the Dry Back Enomer range is PVC-free. These floors satisfy high environmental criteria and have been certified by Floorscore, M1, and French A+.

Kährs has continually produced great flooring with sustainability in mind throughout its lifecycle since the 1990s. Their manufacturing procedures are designed to reduce air, effluent, and noise pollution, delivering a safe and eco-friendly environment for employees and communities.

Kährs is well-known for its durable vinyl floors, and they have one of the lowest customer complaint rates in the business, ensuring great quality through strict standards and precise quality control. Their vinyl floors ensure dependability in household surroundings, with warranties ranging from 10 to 20 years.

Beyond flooring, Kährs provides a wide range of supporting products such as skirting, installation tools, maintenance & repair products, and accessories to complement and complete your luxury vinyl tile flooring, assuring long-lasting performance.

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