Though we have a standard per square meter price for all of our floors, there are several variables that need to be considered. That is why we recommend speaking directly to one of our flooring specialists who will be able to give a price estimate for your specific requirements.

Yes, we tend to keep a selection of our best-selling floors in stock in Dubai. However since we have over 250+ different floors, we also offer complimentary sea freight shipping of floors from Sweden.

STOCK IN DUBAI: We keep certain floors in stock in our Dubai warehouse which can be delivered in 1-2 days within the UAE, depending on the location and schedule availability.

SEA FREIGHT: If the material is immediately available for dispatch from Kährs’ warehouse in Sweden, then the delivery time is 7-9 weeks by sea freight to the UAE. For other countries in the region, the delivery time slightly longer: 9-11 weeks.

AIR FREIGHT: Air freight is available (at an additional charge), with a delivery time of 10-14 days to the UAE.

For other countries in the region, please inquire via sales@nordichomeworx.com.

Yes, we cater to the entire UAE from our headquarters in Dubai. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, we offer our services to the entire Middle East region as well as certain countries in Africa and Eurasia. Our Export Sales team will assist you, please contact us to learn more.

Kährs flooring installation commences once all other works, including painting, have been completed. The floor is the last thing to come in, right before furniture and decor.

Installation time will depend on a few factors such as room shape, furniture, installation method and the amount of accessories required. For floating (glueless installation), a team of two installers is able to lay circa 30-40 sqm per day (in an empty room with right angles).

Yes, we have our own team of highly skilled installers who are true craftsmen at what they do as well as experts in Kährs wood flooring. This helps us to ensure the installation service and product performance is to your full satisfaction.

Yes. Since Kährs floors are typically installed floating (glue-less) on top of existing tiles, marble or any other flooring- it can be easily removed and re-installed when you move, making it a truly sustainable flooring option for you and your family, regardless if you’re a homeowner or tenant.

A floating installation is where the flooring is laid down in a glueless manner ontop of a layer of underlay. The individual planks are locked together using a Woodloc® system, and they are not glued or nailed down to the subfloor. By doing this the floor is floating above the underlay, and can be laid ontop of existing tile or marble, without the risk of damaging the subflooring.

Yes. Our floors are typically laid floating on top of existing flooring. The boards are locked together with Kährs patented Woodloc® system, without the use of glue or nails. The Woodloc® does not just mean that the floor can be installed quickly and efficiently, but it also guarantees that the floor stays flat and that gaps will never appear between the planks. The fact is that the Woodloc® joint retains its strength throughout the floor’s entire lifetime.

Though we generally recommend removing the tile skirting and installing a new one to create a more seamless finish, we are able to provide you with a customized skirting which is fitted nicely on top of the existing tile skirting, covering it. Feel free to visit our showroom where we can show you samples.

Yes, however we may need to shave the bottom of the doors/frames slightly.

Yes, Kährs wood floors are made from 100% natural wood that have all been sustainably sourced from verified foresters. Approximately 90% of our collection is made from oak wood, while we also offer a selection in walnut, ash, maple and jarrah.

Yes, we have recently launched a collection of Kährs LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) floors in both wood and stone look.

Yes. Kährs wood and LVT floors have an innovative construction that ensures that the floor remains intact despite seasonal fluctuations of humidity.

Since wood is a natural material, that is affected by climatic changes, a wood floor moves with the seasons, i.e. it swells in high humidity and shrinks in low humidity. Kährs’ multi-layered construction minimizes this movement.

When choosing a floor, it is important to bear in mind its ability to withstand wear and tear in the context it will be used. In areas of high floor traffic, special attention must be paid to the product quality, as well as the surface treatment.

Regarding wood flooring, we recommend using oiled surfaces in areas with more wear and tear, and always together with our specially developed maintenance program. In other areas, the choice of surface treatment is more flexible and both oiled and lacquered surfaces can be used.

Kährs LVT floors are constructed to ensure excellent durability and a long life. The ceramic coating makes the surface scratch and dent resistant, while the waterproof material prevents spillages from making any permanent damage.

Today’s wood manufacturers are applying all kinds of new technology to improve the factory finished floor. Factory-finished wood flooring comes ready to install and requires no sanding or protection.

The wood is precision-milled to minimise board-to-board mismatch in height, since levelling the joints between neighboring boards with a sander is not an option.

With controlled environments and advanced polymers, only a factory finished floor can offer a 12 to 30 year warranty on the floor’s finish, as well as its structural integrity.

Our home is where we live, breath, sleep and where our children grow up. Naturally, we want our indoor environment to promote both health and everyday comfort and health.

Kährs wood floors are softer – and thereby safer – than stone flooring such as tile or marble; they don’t contain or emit any harmful chemicals, toxins or carcinogens; they come pre-finished from the factory; they are hypoallergenic and easy to keep clean/maintain, and on top of that extremely cosy and the most sustainable choice.

Kährs LVT floors phthalate-free and designs in the click format has a built-in sound-reducing system and is also soft to walk – or play – on. All our LVT floors are certified according to several standards, including Floorscore, M1 and French A+.

Yes, Kährs floors are all factory-finished, meaning that they have a UV-cured protective layer as a surface treatment. They are typically enjoyed by children and pets, who are after all the ones who typically spend the most time on the floor. However, we may recommend a certain type of floor/surface treatment based on your specific needs. Contact us to learn more.

Yes. You can see several examples in our portfolio.

Kährs floors are manufactured under strict climate control, sealed, packaged and delivered termite-free.

However we recommend you perform pest-control both prior to installation and regularly, especially if you live in an area prone to termites, in order to protect not only the floor but also your furniture and family members.

We recommend maintaining a normal room temperature between 18°C and 24°C.

This is to ensure an indoor climate that protects the floor (as well as your furniture, clothes, ceilings, walls, etc.) from any potential mold and moisture damage.

Compared to a solid wood floor, Kährs engineered construction is 75% more stable; it resists warping, buckling and cracking, even as temperature and humidity change throughout the seasons.

Multi-layer (engineered) wood floors are also more environmentally-friendly than solid wood floors, since the core material is crafted from fast-growing or recycled wood. Fast-growing wood species such as pine/spruce wood is used as our core material, thereby using less of the precious, slow-grown hardwood surface layer compared to solid wood flooring.

Kährs patented its parquet technology in 1941, and since then we have been using it in all our flooring. By applying different characteristics and a variety of thickness of layers in our different product ranges we have created a variety of floors to suit every application.

Yes, and Kährs Stairnosing ensures a perfect finish and can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and missing steps to stairs.

The factory-finished surface treatment on Kährs wood floors stands up to water and traffic, enabling wood flooring to be brought into kitchens and toilets.

Rooms with heavy fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels such as shower/bathroom/sauna are not recommended for natural wood flooring.

Kährs LVT floors have a ceramic coating that makes the surface of the floor scratch and dent resistant, while the waterproof material prevents spillages from making any permanent damage.

Kährs floor are water resistant, not waterproof. That is why we do not recommend installing the floors in wet areas, and encourage any spillage to be wiped up as quickly as possible.

Kährs floors are for indoor use only.

For daily cleaning, use dry methods, e.g. vacuuming and combine with the use of the Kährs Spray Mop (microfiber mop) using Kährs Cleaner solution.

Do not allow spilt water to remain on the floor. Staining will depend on several factors such as how long the spillage has been there, the acidity content of the liquid and the surface treatment of the floor (oil/lacquer). We recommend removing stains as soon as possible, following the advice given in our Maintenance Guide.

The warranty covers wearing through the wearing layer of the multi-layer boards where the damage exceeds an area of 10×10 mm. The wearing layer is formed by the surface treatment and the entire layer of hardwood.

The warranty does not apply in the case of lack of or insufficient maintenance, spot wear, scratches, negligent use, use contrary to Kährs laying, care and maintenance instructions, other neglect, damage or special circumstances which can be attributed to the end user.

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