As with many other products, a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep a floor in good condition. With proper maintenance, your
engineered wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come. Light floors, are typically more sensitive to wear-and-tear than dark ones, and therefore require more
frequent cleaning and maintenance. Our wood floors are durable and easy to keep clean, but there are some things you need to think about.

Protect Your Floor Against Dirt

Keep Gravel and Sand Outside

The first thing you can do for your wood floor is get a good doormat to clean and dry shoes before coming in. Ideally both in and outside the door.

Put Protective Pads on Furniture

Put soft pads on the bottom of table and chair legs and keep an eye that they haven’t fallen can wear patches and scratch the floor.

Light Floors Need More Attention

If you have light wood floors, you’ll need to clean them a little more often because they are more prone to wear.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Dry cleaning is the best way to clean hardwood floors, rather than wet cleaning. Vacuum and brush regularly and occasionally use a damp, well wrung-out cloth/mop. For best results, use Kährs Cleaner diluted in water or ready-mixed Kährs Spray Cleaner. The floor should dry within a minute if you’ve used the right amount

Removing Marks

Remove marks as soon as possible using Kährs Cleaner diluted in water. Avoid cleaning fluids containing ammonia.

Oiled floors: Strong stain removing agents and hard scrubbing can lead to discolouring. Oil the cleaned area with Kährs Satin Oil. If there is a colour difference after removing the stain, you can use a coloured Kährs Touch-up oil.

Lacquered floors: Strong stain removing agents and hard scrubbing can affect the lacquer. Please read our tips for removing difficult stains on page 18 in our Maintenance brochure.

Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

Oiled floors should be treated directly after installation and once a year thereafter. Both oiled and lacquered floors can be freshened up when the wood floor becomes hard to clean or if the surface gets scratched or dull.

Oiled floors: Use Kährs Satin Oil.

Lacquered floors: Use Kährs Lacquer Refresher.

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