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Comforting shades of olive green and grey-brown give a deep, cozy warmth and a tranquil expression of recovery and harmony, strengthening our connection with nature. These tones instill a sense of calm and a timeless style regardless of current trends. Materials such as patinated wood, clay and stone match the colour scheme and give the interior an extra dimension.

Our new Oak Ombra by Kährs Boardwalk Collection has the perfect grey-brown hue that combines a traditional oak wood floor look with a modern feel.




Autumn's most popular colour tones are shades of warm and earthy pastel tones ranging from beige, peach and grey hues. The trend palette goes hand in hand with the increased interest in natural materials and the sustainability ideal that is growing ever stronger.

Our new Oak Luce wood floor by Kährs Boardwalk Collection has a dusky-blonde hue complemented by warm-grey tones, creating the perfect autumnal pastel colour.

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Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood: The Green Alternative For Elegant Homes

Wood floorings add class and elegance to any home. They provide rich colour, texture, and sense of belonging with the surroundings. When people think of getting wood flooring for their home or apartment, it is natural that they think solid hardwood floors, as a lot of them, are still only aware of half the choices they have. But, have you ever considered turning your attention towards engineered wood flooring Solid hardwood flooring is wooden floorboards made out of solid wood as the name suggests. While this seems like the better option at first, there is more to wooden floorings than it’s purity. The engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is made of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank, where the top visible layer is made of solid hardwood, while the bottom layers are constructed using high-quality plywood. Typically, it is a sawn piece of timber that can be cut and styled differently, giving its final appearance.  Continue reading
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Underwood Heating For Homes: Create The Best Experience With Kährs

Wood floorings are a sight to behold. They exhibit class and elegance, elevating your home to its best. While more and more people prefer wood flooring above the others for their homes, they are also looking at ways to improve the functionality of their home or apartment flooring Although Dubai is predominantly a warm and sunny city, it is usually always cool inside the homes, offices and other commercial building with full-time air-conditioning. This is why a lot of homeowners are looking at underfloor heating, especially in the winter season. Fortunately, wood flooring and underfloor heating go hand in hand and can provide a very comfortable experience.  Continue reading

Understanding Your Hardwood Species: Facts And Features

Wood is undoubtedly the most valuable natural commodity in use across various industries. Due to its high demand, forests are grown and harvested around the world to supply this eco-friendly material.  The wood economy is one of the oldest in existence. It is generally divided into hardwoods and softwoods, and are used for a number of purposes across different industries. The wood flooring industry, for instance, hardwoods for engineering the floorboards as there are stronger than the softwoods. Globally, hardwoods are cultivated from broad-leafed trees and makeup 10% of worldwide timber production.  Continue reading



Nothing can create instant warmth and elegance quite like a brown wood floor. The rich, earthy tones of amber and tobacco create a perfect backdrop for both traditional and contemporary interiors, providing an authentic aged look.

The subtle stain on our Oak Sevede wood floor from Kährs Småland Collection allows the rich and warm tones in the wood to seep through, resulting in a lively expression and a naturally balanced contrast.

We are currently offering Kährs' Småland & Götaland collections with special discount with our Summer Sale ending on 10 August 2019! Learn more here.

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Take Care Of The Baby Steps: Child-friendly Hardwood Floors From Kährs

Your home flooring speaks a lot about you. It reflects your personality and what you perceive as class and comfort. This is why choosing the right home flooring is an important decision. When you choose flooring for your home, there are a lot of things that need to be considered, especially when you have children. Children spend time playing on the floor all day long. And for this reason, it is important to find the right material for the floor. A floor that isn’t harmful or toxic. Continue reading

Caring For Wooden Floors: The Dos And Don’ts Of Maintenance

Wood floorings adds elegance and comfort to any interior, whether a private home or a public space. As with many other products, a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep a hardwood floor in good condition. With proper maintenance, your wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come. As Kährs wood floors are engineered using different types of wood species and come in various hues and shades, they have varying sensitivity towards light, pressure and impact. For instance, light coloured floors are typically more sensitive to wear and tear, requiring frequent maintenance; while dark wood floors are more prone to expose dust and dirt. So, in this blog post, we will explore some of the general guidelines for keeping your wood flooring clear of dust, dirt, dents and discolouration. Continue reading
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Sunshine Friendly: Why Matt Finish Floors Are A Perfect Choice For Your Summer Home

  However, without the right home interiors, even summer homes can look dark and drab. While there are a number of elements that add to the beauty of these homes, the one thing that stands out is the floor.  It is said that wood floorings are heaven-sent for summer homes. The wood floors offer a smooth and cool surface to step, walk and sit on a hot summer noon. They bring in a warm earthy feel and are almost always smooth to touch. But are all wood floors the same? What makes matt wood floors and an absolute favourite for summer homes? Continue reading



The transparent white stain on our Oak Klinta wood floor by Småland Collection creates a natural pale impression that will enhance any space. A dynamic and grounding wood floor with a celestial spirit.

Each board is meticulously hand-scraped which highlights the knots and the balanced rustic appearance of the floor. Four-sided bevelling at the edges ensures a classic, full plank look and feel. Every board is carefully brushed to bring out the character of the grain and highlight the natural texture of the wood.

This summer, we are offering our exclusive Småland & Götaland collections at special prices- starting from AED 315 per sqm. Offer valid until 10 August 2019.

Call us on tel. +971 4 369 55 69 to learn more.

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