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According to trend forecasters, a new pastel shade of green named neo mint will dominate the worlds of fashion and interiors in 2020. Neo mint is a gender-neutral colour with an oxygenating, fresh tone that aligns science and technology with nature. Combined with our Kährs Ash Air wood floor, you will have a weightless interior with a modern feel.

Parquet Floor

3 Ways To Keep Your Parquet Floor Looking Great All Year Round

When it comes to elegant and elaborate wood floors, parquet floorings are a class apart. These unique floors are constructed by carefully fitting wood pieces together to create stunning geometric patterns that add depth and style to any room.  While these dramatic floors were a big trend back in the 1960s, they slowly lost their charm over the turn of the century. However, with the recent rise in the engineered wood flooring, parquet flooring has made a comeback. With a wider range of wood species and new motifs, these floors are getting back in style, adding beauty to many homes across the country. If you are a homeowner fell in love  with the bold statement set by parquet floors and opted it for your home, here are three easy methods to keep these floors squeaky clean and shining all year round: Continue reading
Wood Flooring

Flooring Ideas To Create The Perfect Scandinavian Vibe In Your Home

People and their concept of homes have drastically changed over the years. From small, cozy and slightly cluttered homes, people are now moving towards large and spacious living spaces with minimal furniture and interior decor. This is one reason why Scandinavian style interiors are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. With its sleek, minimalistic interiors, warm colors and use of natural materials, Scandinavian style can look either rustic or very futuristic. In this blog, we will look into this interior style and learn more about the wooden flooring ideas for the perfect Scandinavian look. Continue reading



Comforting shades of olive green and grey-brown give a deep, cozy warmth and a tranquil expression of recovery and harmony, strengthening our connection with nature. These tones instill a sense of calm and a timeless style regardless of current trends. Materials such as patinated wood, clay and stone match the colour scheme and give the interior an extra dimension.

Our new Oak Ombra by Kährs Boardwalk Collection has the perfect grey-brown hue that combines a traditional oak wood floor look with a modern feel.


White Wood Floor

The Design Dos And Don’ts Of Using White Wood Floor For Your Home Interiors

Homes with white wooden floors are a sight to behold. These interiors are like a blank canvas that can show off the raw beauty of your furniture and other design elements. White floors coupled with white walls create the illusion of an expanse. White-space designs are very popular in the Nordic countries for ages and are now becoming increasingly popular all around the world. While white wood floorings are great to have, designing and maintaining it perfectly can be quite a task. In this blog, designers from our flooring company share practical tips to approach white toned wood floorings and how to incorporate them into your Dubai home interiors. Continue reading
Nordic Homeworx

Make Your Opinion Count! Vote For Nordic Homeworx

This October, we have some really special news to share with you all. InsideOut, UAE’s most popular interior design magazine has nominated Nordic Homeworx for their Reader’s Choice Awards 2019! On this happy note, we would like to invite, our dearest clients to cast your votes for us. Nordic Homeworx has a long-standing history in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East as the exclusive agent of Kährs of Sweden. Established in the year 2006 by Pauline Madani, a native of Sweden and an absolute lover of the Scandinavian wood floorings, we offer the latest turnkey supply and installation services of Kährs wood flooring in the region for both residential and commercial clients. Continue reading
Engineered Wood Flooring

3 Things You Should Consider When Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

Most homeowners envision their home to be the best. They want their homes to reflect the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves. The architecture, interiors and every little detail from the flower pots on the balcony to the throw cushions on the couch all add up to the beauty of the home. One of the most important decisions a homeowner has to make at this point is choosing the right flooring for their home. Although there are numerous options available in the market, the standard flooring material that adds class and comfort to any home is hardwood flooring. However, not all hardwood flooring is the same. There are many factors that affect the beauty and durability of these floors. With increased awareness about the environment, most wood flooring manufacturers are now looking to create engineered wood floorings. At Kährs, we envisioned the need for these wood floorings and created some of the best-suited hardwood flooring even before the world realized its need. But what is engineered wood floorings? How do you find the one that suits your home and its needs? Let’s take a look- The Dilemma of Solid Vs Engineered As a natural material, wood tends to expand and contract in accordance with the heat. Due to this reason, solid hardwood floors tend to shift in their positions during the expansion and contraction cycles, which will cause the floorboards to either bulge out or create gaps on the floor.  Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is made with a top layer of hardwood bonded to layers of plywood. These floorboards are sturdy and prevent the floor from shifting. Experts say that solid wood moves in three directions- longitudinal, radial and tangential. In engineered wood, the wood floorboards are created to be resilient to these natural movements. The layers are laid out in different directions to create opposing forces that stops the wood from moving. Engineered wood flooring can also be laid over concrete floors or over soundproof mats without the need for additional layers. Also, wood floors from Kährs have a thicker top layer, which can be sanded and refinished whenever necessary, without damaging the hardwood flooring. In a nutshell, engineered wood floorings from Kährs are a great option for your home if you are looking at a long term and durable floor solution. So here are three things you must remember before buying them-   Finding The Perfect Finish There are essentially two types of finishes - oil and polyurethane. The oil penetrates the wood deeper, giving the engineered wood flooring a naturally soft and warm look. The surface will not be too glossy as compared to the polyurethane-based finishes. The oil-finished wood floors can also be retouched on a single spot at a time without having to refurbish the whole flooring section. The polyurethane finish, on the other hand, is more durable and highly resistant to scratch. The surface can also withstand stains and damage much better than the oil finish floorboards. However, while they require less maintenance when it comes to recoating the hardwood flooring, you cannot do a spot maintenance and will have to opt to either replace a board or recoat the whole floor section. Search for  the right wood type Different hardwood species have different properties. A lot of people prefer to opt for oak and in particular, the white oak for designer hardwood floors. The oak wood is very durable and can take stains really well. The white oak especially can be treated to create fairer wood tones without the pinkish hue of the red oak. Other varieties like ash, maple, birch, cherry, and walnut are also popular choices of wood. At the end of the day, the choice of wood is a personal one depending upon the color, texture and grain density of the hardwood species. Define the plank size Just like the color, texture and grain pattern, the plank size of your hardwood floors also matters when it comes to getting the right look and feel for your home. While 2 strip and 3 strip planks are commonly used these days, a lot of people are still interested in wider single strip planks. The single strip planks from Kährs, for instance, has fewer knots and color variations to bring in a luxurious and consistent feel. Kährs also offer planks like ship decking, Dutch pattern, and Herringbone which are quite in trend. Choosing an engineered wood flooring is now easy with us. Select from a wide variety of Kährs wood flooring options and give your home the grandeur it deserves.  
Hardwood Flooring

Remodeling Your Apartment Floors? 5 Style Guidelines To Try This Year

Hardwood floors are an evergreen choice for apartment floorings in Dubai. The elegant wooden panel floors go perfectly well with both traditional and contemporary styled homes. Their great functionality and beautiful aesthetics cannot be replaced; which is why they are an absolute favorite for home and apartment flooring in this part of the world. As pioneers in crafting environment-friendly hardwood flooring, Kährs have always been at the forefront of perfecting wood floors that can blend seamlessly with any kind of interior design plan. In this blog, we will take a look at 5 design ideas to remodel apartment floorings, without making evident design changes to the existing interiors. The Light And Airy Look The bleached or “Scandanavian-style” floorings are one of the most sought after flooring designs that can go well with both modern as well as traditional housing spaces. White and light stained apartment floorings, with muted grain variations, can give your home a light, breezy and ethereal appearance, making the rooms look bigger and brighter than they actually are. Black And Ebonized Floors For a while, dark and ebonized floors went out of fashion due to the slight difficulty in maintaining them perfectly. While ebonized floors are gorgeous and glossy, it can highlight even the slightest of imperfections. For this reason, most designers keep ebonized wood floorings strictly to the bedrooms.  However, with a more natural finish, these floors can still be used to add depth and sophistication to any home interior. As the ebonized floors take fine craftsmanship to design, Kährs currently has some of the most popular ebonized wood floorings available in the market. Soft Gray Tones Just like white toned floors, gray floors are also an all-time favorite for apartment flooring.  Gray tones are often achieved with the use of a combination of stains. At Kährs, we design muted gray floors that look natural and authentic, without reminding anyone of the staining process that goes behind it to achieve the peculiar shades. Gray floors are also favored in the UAE as these floors don’t highlight tiny specs of dust or dirt too much.   Bare And Natural The bare or unfinished look on white oak floors with a subtle oil finish can give a sophisticated look to any home interior without contrasting with its existing designs. As the bare wood floor collections are not chemically treated for stains, these often come for affordable prices. The natural floors are also more forgiving- meaning that they do not highlight dents and scratches as much as glossy finish wood floorings showcase.  Smooth Matte Floors The matte floors are one level above the bare and unfinished looking wooden floors. These floors have a higher level of finish but with lesser sheen. White and gray floors look absolutely beautiful in matte finishes and will show off the grain of the wood without any emphasizing on layer of finish. Matte floors also go very well with any type of home interior, allowing you to make this your top choice for remodeling your home. At Nordic Homeworx, we have a wide variety of Kährs wood floor designs that can be mixed and matched to suit your exact remodeling ideas. Contact us today to get the best apartment flooring designs in Dubai.



Autumn's most popular colour tones are shades of warm and earthy pastel tones ranging from beige, peach and grey hues. The trend palette goes hand in hand with the increased interest in natural materials and the sustainability ideal that is growing ever stronger.

Our new Oak Luce wood floor by Kährs Boardwalk Collection has a dusky-blonde hue complemented by warm-grey tones, creating the perfect autumnal pastel colour.

Book a meeting in our showroom to discover our latest wood flooring collections by Kährs of Sweden.


Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood: The Green Alternative For Elegant Homes

Wood floorings add class and elegance to any home. They provide rich colour, texture, and sense of belonging with the surroundings. When people think of getting wood flooring for their home or apartment, it is natural that they think solid hardwood floors, as a lot of them, are still only aware of half the choices they have. But, have you ever considered turning your attention towards engineered wood flooring Solid hardwood flooring is wooden floorboards made out of solid wood as the name suggests. While this seems like the better option at first, there is more to wooden floorings than it’s purity. The engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is made of two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank, where the top visible layer is made of solid hardwood, while the bottom layers are constructed using high-quality plywood. Typically, it is a sawn piece of timber that can be cut and styled differently, giving its final appearance.  Continue reading
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