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Kährs has been working with wood for more than 160 years and is today one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of engineered wood floors in the world. Wood is the most environmentally friendly, most beautiful and versatile flooring material available. Wood gives warmth to the most minimalist interior, while enhancing the impression in a more traditional interior. And while trends come and go, quality and style are never out of fashion. That’s why a Kährs wood flooring will always feel just right. Kährs stands for quality, design, innovation, environment and sustainability.

Facts about Kährs Wood Floors

Design guide

Design guide

Brushed, beveled, distressed, matt or gloss. Our long experience in producing wood floors means that we can manufacture flooring with a variety of looks, expressions and styles.



Kährs engineered wood floors come in three different constructions: 3-layer, 2-layer and veneer. What to choose depends on whether you want to be able to re-sand the floor – and whether the best option is to install the floor floating or glued-down.

joint system

Joint Systems

Kährs engineered wood floors come with three different joint systems: Woodloc® 5S , Woodloc® and tongue & grove.

wood facts

Wood Facts

Kährs wood floors come in a variety of species. Apart from looks, wood species also vary in durability, hardness and how they react when they are exposed to normal sunlight.

Why choose a Kährs Wood Floor?

the longest tradition

The longest tradition

Kährs is the oldest wood floor manufacturer in the world still in operation, with a history dating back to 1857. Meanwhile, it is also the most innovative with a tradition of leading the development of the modern parquet floor. In the small town of Nybro in southern Sweden – a region known for its wild beauty, rugged scenery and dense forests.

A major part of the raw material Kährs uses to produce our wood floors grows next door to the main production plant in Sweden; an area rich in oak and where more trees are planted than harvested. This provides an opportunity for Kährs to control that the oak logs are produced in a sustainable way.

The most innovativ

The most innovative

In 1941, Kährs was granted a patent for a multi-layer wood flooring construction – the world’s first engineered wood floor. The construction ensures that the floor remains intact despite seasonal fluctuations of humidity.

In 1999, Kährs was the first floor manufacturer to introduce a mechanical glueless joint system – the ingenious Woodloc® system. This system revolutionized the wood flooring market. With the Woodloc® 5S joint, the system has been even further perfected

Kährs has put a lot of effort and research into finding surface treatments that are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, but thin enough to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. All our surface treatments are naturally free from solvents, formaldehyde and isocyanate.

Endless design options

Endless design options

Whatever the size of your room or interior style, there’s a Kährs floor that will enhance the space. The floors come in a great variety of colours and species, sizes, patterns and finishes.

Brushed, handscraped, bevelled, silky smooth or ultra matt. Each Kährs plank is unique and individually treated, according to its own unique composition of knots and graining.

The ultimate feeling and look of the floor depends on the surface treatment. Kährs provides several options. The silk matt lacquer gives the floor a smooth surface, and the ultra matt lacquer will make it appear untreated, while the nature oil gives the floor a wonderfully natural feeling.

How to choose a Kährs Wood Floor

There are many reasons to choose a Kährs vinyl floor. Innovative construction means your floor will withstand all daily challenges and you can easily install it yourself. Our large selection of vinyl floors in wood and stone motifs lets you freely mix and match so you can find the right look for your taste and needs. Kährs is known for quality, design and innovation, so you can be sure you’ll have a floor to enjoy for many years.

The floor and the room

The floor and the room

Floor – walls – ceiling: the three fundamental elements that together create the room’s feel. The interaction between these three surfaces can change the overall impression, depending on the choice of colours, patterns, lighting, etc. The floor creates the room’s base, weight and character, and it is also the basis for the other elements, including the choice of furniture and other decor. The floor is where fashion and style meet function.

The floor is the foundation

The floor is the foundation

A floor is so much more than just something to walk on. The floor, with the walls and ceiling, contributes the room’s fundamental feel. When designing your home, you should perhaps consider the floor first. The floor is the base – whilst you can always repaint walls and ceiling, the floor is of a more permanent nature. The appearance of the floor, i.e. the colour, surface, pattern and hardness, can vary a lot between different wood species. From light, calm Birch or Maple, through Oak and Beech, to dark and vibrant Walnut or Jarrah. Find out as much as you possibly can about different species and what they can mean for you in your home. Your floor sets the mood.

What colour should i choose?

What colour should i choose?

Light, dark or natural? The colour of the floor has a strong impact on how the room is perceived. A dark floor “swallows” a lot of light, but it also creates a sense of warmth and cosiness. A light wood floor reflects the light and adds space to the room

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