Dutch, Herringbone, And Chevron: Which One Is Your Best Pick?

November 21, 2020

With the increasing range of designs and techniques in the flooring industry, parquet styles have a prominence in the field of wood flooring. Apart from residence, these flairs are also extensively used in commercial places like restaurants, cafes, office spaces, etc. The historic and aesthetic value of parquetry has brought it to its widespread usage at present.

Parquet Textures

Parquet is a French word with the meaning “small compartment” and uses wood pieces for decorating floors. It has royal origins and was used back in the 1600s to replace marble floors that required more upkeep. Since the installation process takes time, it became a sign of lavishness in grand houses.

These configurations are usually geometrical and angular but may contain curves on certain occasions. The materials used in wood parquet are timber with contrasting color and grain from a wide range of tree species like oak, walnut, cherry, maple, etc.

These floors are long-lasting under proper maintenance and preferred over tiles, especially in bedrooms and hallways, as they feel warmer underfoot. From these design collections, dutch, herringbone, and chevron are the most used parquet patterns, and given below are the reasons for its popularity.

Classic Dutch

The traditional parquet outlines found in old dutch castles and mansions are considered to be the origin point of this representation. The history of this arrangement leads to more than 200 years and is claimed to be hand made by craftsmen with a twist of natural and modern colors.  This calmer and asymmetrical design is mostly used by classic lovers in their wooden flooring. 

Legendary Herringbone

This design is the most popular and widely used parquet pattern at present. Ancient Romans used this mode to decorate their road layouts. You can observe an elegant atmosphere with a mix of traditional essence in this representation. The composition consists of blocks in the shape of rectangles and parallelograms and generally consists of a ratio of 2:1 and 3:1. However, it is widely used nowadays in interior floor designing to obtain a classic ground space with a modern twist.

Stylish Chevron

This layout is a modern take on a classic European pattern. Here, the woodblocks meet point to point, creating a continuous zigzag design on the surface. This representation was initially used in an old pottery design and was first seen as flooring in the 16th century. This method of arrangement also creates an optical illusion, making narrow spaces appear wider, and short rooms seem longer.

All these patterns consist of unique features and can be widely used in different shades, thickness, and choice of finish with the selected timber. You can get a mix of these patterns, only in specific regions of your home flooring to provide each unit with contrasting features. Certain parquet patterns have a different decorative border, making a built-in rug, which adds instant interest and texture to the floor.

It is essential to make the right choice to obtain a comprehensive classy appearance with a mixture of traditional essence. Consult our team of experts to get more tips on parquet pattern selection and browse through Nordic Homeworx website for the latest designs and shades of wood flooring.

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