Wood Flooring 101: Deciding Between Repair And Replacement

June 23, 2020

With time and exposure to a variety of substances present in its immediate environment, wooden floors can get worn out eventually. It is at this point in time that a decision must be made where you decide to restore the wooden floors to their original lacquer and condition or replace them altogether. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to consider certain factors that can help tip the scales to a more favorable selection. Each of these factors is mentioned below in detail to help you decide the best option for your wooden flooring. 

Assessing The Damage

The best way to begin the decision process is to evaluate the damage that your floors have incurred since their initial installment. The extent of damage can affect the assessment significantly because harsh wear and tears cannot always be fixed using restorative techniques. If there are any major cracks on certain wooden planks or scratches that run very deep into the plank width and structure, you can have those particular ones replaced. 

If the damage extends to a greater half of the room, then restoring the entire floor altogether can prove to be a better option. For surface-level marks, stains, and crevices, the repair is possible using a professional restorative service. They will use equipment and products that can chisel away the dents and level the entire wooden flooring so that each plank is balanced. 

The Expected Finish 

If your expectations have changed since the last time you had your floors installed, the expected finish will also differ. Depending on the damage that has been done to the flooring, the wood cannot always be restored to its original condition and can differ in strength, durability as well as structural integrity. If the expected product option does not match your current preferences, then replacing the entire flooring would be apt. In this manner, you can select another style and color of wood floors that will cater to your tastes better.

Investment Choices

When it comes to restoring the wood flooring of your home, the repair takes a smaller time investment given the extent of damage done. As a smaller area is being worked upon, the amount of time needed to do so will be limited in comparison to a bigger project like having the entire floor replaced. 

The monetary investment will also accordingly differ on the basis of factors such as the number of planks being replaced, the new price of selection, and the expected time needed to have the floors ready for you. With sufficient availability in time and capital, starting on a full floor replacement is a definite possibility.

Expert Advice 

Making the decision can definitely be a tough choice as your judgment is not always supported by greater experience and knowledge in the field. To ensure that your decision is the right one, you can gain assurance from a professional flooring expert who can help you learn more about the better-suited option. 

Despite our choice, the floors might not necessarily be able to stand the extent of refinishing that can occur. It can be possible that the structure would be irreversibly affected and be unable to complete the needed function over time. This can be assessed by an expert who will study the scenario in-depth and give you advice accordingly which will provide you with the best results. 

You can receive expert help and assistance from our team at Nordic Homeworx and make the right decision for your wooden floors. To visit our store or schedule an appointment with a flooring expert, you can contact us and get the best finished wooden floorings today.

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