3 Things You Should Consider When Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

September 23, 2019

Most homeowners envision their home to be the best. They want their homes to reflect the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves. The architecture, interiors and every little detail from the flower pots on the balcony to the throw cushions on the couch all add up to the beauty of the home. One of the most important decisions a homeowner has to make at this point is choosing the right flooring for their home. Although there are numerous options available in the market, the standard flooring material that adds class and comfort to any home is hardwood flooring.

However, not all hardwood flooring is the same. There are many factors that affect the beauty and durability of these floors. With increased awareness about the environment, most wood flooring manufacturers are now looking to create engineered wood floorings. At Kährs, we envisioned the need for these wood floorings and created some of the best-suited hardwood flooring even before the world realized its need. But what is engineered wood floorings? How do you find the one that suits your home and its needs? Let’s take a look-

The Dilemma of Solid Vs Engineered

As a natural material, wood tends to expand and contract in accordance with the heat. Due to this reason, solid hardwood floors tend to shift in their positions during the expansion and contraction cycles, which will cause the floorboards to either bulge out or create gaps on the floor. 

Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is made with a top layer of hardwood bonded to layers of plywood. These floorboards are sturdy and prevent the floor from shifting. Experts say that solid wood moves in three directions- longitudinal, radial and tangential. In engineered wood, the wood floorboards are created to be resilient to these natural movements. The layers are laid out in different directions to create opposing forces that stops the wood from moving.

Engineered wood flooring can also be laid over concrete floors or over soundproof mats without the need for additional layers. Also, wood floors from Kährs have a thicker top layer, which can be sanded and refinished whenever necessary, without damaging the hardwood flooring.

In a nutshell, engineered wood floorings from Kährs are a great option for your home if you are looking at a long term and durable floor solution. So here are three things you must remember before buying them-

Finding The Perfect Finish

There are essentially two types of finishes – oil and polyurethane. The oil penetrates the wood deeper, giving the engineered wood flooring a naturally soft and warm look. The surface will not be too glossy as compared to the polyurethane-based finishes. The oil-finished wood floors can also be retouched on a single spot at a time without having to refurbish the whole flooring section.

The polyurethane finish, on the other hand, is more durable and highly resistant to scratch. The surface can also withstand stains and damage much better than the oil finish floorboards. However, while they require less maintenance when it comes to recoating the hardwood flooring, you cannot do a spot maintenance and will have to opt to either replace a board or recoat the whole floor section.

Search for  the right wood type

Different hardwood species have different properties. A lot of people prefer to opt for oak and in particular, the white oak for designer hardwood floors. The oak wood is very durable and can take stains really well. The white oak especially can be treated to create fairer wood tones without the pinkish hue of the red oak. Other varieties like ash, maple, birch, cherry, and walnut are also popular choices of wood. At the end of the day, the choice of wood is a personal one depending upon the color, texture and grain density of the hardwood species.

Define the plank size

Just like the color, texture and grain pattern, the plank size of your hardwood floors also matters when it comes to getting the right look and feel for your home. While 2 strip and 3 strip planks are commonly used these days, a lot of people are still interested in wider single strip planks. The single strip planks from Kährs, for instance, has fewer knots and color variations to bring in a luxurious and consistent feel. Kährs also offer planks like ship decking, Dutch pattern, and Herringbone which are quite in trend.

Choosing an engineered wood flooring is now easy with us. Select from a wide variety of Kährs wood flooring options and give your home the grandeur it deserves.

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