3 Ways To Keep Your Parquet Floor Looking Great All Year Round

October 23, 2019

When it comes to elegant and elaborate wood floors, parquet floorings are a class apart. These unique floors are constructed by carefully fitting wood pieces together to create stunning geometric patterns that add depth and style to any room. 

While these dramatic floors were a big trend back in the 1960s, they slowly lost their charm over the turn of the century. However, with the recent rise in the engineered wood flooring, parquet flooring has made a comeback. With a wider range of wood species and new motifs, these floors are getting back in style, adding beauty to many homes across the country. If you are a homeowner fell in love  with the bold statement set by parquet floors and opted it for your home, here are three easy methods to keep these floors squeaky clean and shining all year round:

General care for your parquet floors

Like any floor, regular cleaning will help keep the dust and dirt away from parquet floors. Since these floors are made by placing different wood pieces in a shape, it is easy for dirt to get in between the cracks. Vacuuming can reach these hard to reach places and helps loosen it up.

Another great way to dislodge dirt from these floors is the manual sweeping of the floor. You can either use a normal brush or a specific dry mop for wood floors. Sweeping will help remove the dirt bits that were missed during the vacuuming.

If your parquet floor was exposed to excessive sand and dirt, you can also mop the floor clean. Use a microfibre mop with little water to mop the floor. Start from one corner of the room and move the mop in circular patterns to remove the residual dirt. Mop the floor again with a dry towel to remove excess water and moisture from the floors.

You should always spot clean your wood floors whenever necessary. If something spills onto the floor, clean it right away so that it doesn’t stain the floor. The best way to clean spilled food is by using a damp cloth. By doing these simple cleaning steps, you can keep your parquet floors clean for longer without the need for a deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning your parquet floors

Start your deep cleaning with vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. After you are done with your general cleaning, use wood cleaning products from Kährs to clean your floors. These products not only clean your floors but also enhances the wood flooring with nutrients and additives to make it look brighter and fresher. Using the polish or sealant available with Kährs cleaning kit, coat the floors to increase its durability and longevity.

Protecting your parquet floors

Just like cleaning, maintaining your wooden parquet floors is a task of its own. Start by protecting the floor areas that are used frequently. Area rugs or runner rugs will help save the floors from heavy foot traffic. Select rugs that match your floor as well as the interiors of your home, and preferably ver natural fiber carpets that will not scratch or ruin your wood parquet floors. Similarly, keep a doormat near your doors to wipe off your shoes before entering your home.

Additionally, when cleaning your parquet floors, carefully move the furniture to evenly clean the floor. Most of the time, dust and dirt accumulates beneath the furniture and discolors the floor in the long run. However, ensure that the floors are not scratched when you move around for cleaning. Further, use silicon or fur protectors under your furniture legs so that they don’t damage the floors by scratching accidentally.

Wood floors are elegant and add to the beauty of any home. If you are looking to refurbish your floors or want more insights on Kährs wood flooring maintenance, reach out to us today.

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