4 Wooden Floors To Consider As You Renovate Your House This Summer

July 9, 2020

Summers call for large airy spaces and cool floors. The temperatures are high, which causes the indoor spaces to heat. Therefore, it is suitable to choose floor material that does not absorb heat. 

Why Wooden Floors Are Good For Summers

Wood flooring is a good option for most climates. The one thing you have to be considerate about is moisture, as moisture can damage wooden floors. 

These floors are best for Summer because wood does not hold heat. This property of wood makes it ideal for warm weather. Wood may damage with exposure to extreme climates, but it is durable and can last for years when maintained adequately. 

You can sustain the condition of your wooden floors by using the cleaning agent Bona and resealing the floors every four to five years. 

Different Wooden Floors For Summer

There are broadly two options when it comes to wooden floors. You can either opt for hardwood or otherwise engineered wood floors. Hardwood flooring is available in a solid piece such as oak, maple, or walnut. Engineered wood flooring looks similar on the surface but is made from a thin layer of hardwood, which is bonded over high-quality plywood. 

Hardwood floors have better durability as it can be refinished more times than engineered wood floors. Engineered wood can only be refinished once because it’s made from a thin layer of hardwood. Both choices are good options as they both have a regal, wooden look. 

Some of the different types of wooden floors include:

Oakwood: Oakwood flooring is a popular option because of the warm colors it comes in. Interior designers advise incorporating lighter tones to give an illusion of increased space. Lighter tones are Summer colors and will easily complement the warm hues you want within your house space. 

Ashwood: This is another Summer hue you can use in your home space. It is usually less expensive than other hardwoods and comes in a lot of different shades which you can choose from. 

It has white undertones, which will give any room a spaced out appearance. This wood has defined annual rings and gives your floor an awe-worthy finish. Ashwood has durable and elastic properties, making it a desirable option for many. This wood is high on flexibility and resistance due to which it is commonly used as plank wood. 

Beechwood: This type of wooden floor is well-known for its distinctive design. It is constructed from unique uniform grains that remain close and tight. Beechwood floors offer a continuous, blended look, as the wooden panels appear to be one piece rather than interconnected pieces. Beechwood is relatively hard and can be used in high traffic spaces such as the common areas and living rooms. It is shock-resistant and does not scratch easily; these features make it easy to maintain and ensure longevity. Beechwood has a light brown shade; this shade of brown is a suitable option for residential spaces as it goes well with the other furnishings. 

Birchwood: This wooden flooring is a prevalent option among homeowners because of its staining and polishing properties. It has a rich, classic color, which can be readily polished and stained. Birchwood has a fine texture, making it a beautiful option for Summer and all the other seasons.  

Nordic Homeworx offers home flooring solutions synonymous with style and class. We have a variety of hardwood and engineered wooden flooring options for you to pick from. Contact us at info@nordichomeworx.com to get a detailed description of our products. 

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