5 Latest Hardwood Flooring Trends For 2022

July 28, 2022

Recently, there has been an increasing popularity for interior design and home decoration. With more time we spend at home and scrolling through social media, many people are inspired to remodel and explore new visions for their home aesthetics.

One important component of a beautiful home is the flooring design, and hardwood flooring continues to be the preferred type for homes. Hardwood has this vibe that transforms a house into a home. Its innate durability and sophisticated elegance set a standard for current flooring styles and trends. But what makes it preferred by many is that you can refinish it over time to change the color and style as fashion trends and preferences shift.

But as seasons change, a lot more flooring trends come alive. So if you’re looking for inspiration and trendy ideas for your house remodeling, here are the top 5 latest hardwood flooring trends to help transform your ideal design into reality.

Patterned Decorative Design

As flooring becomes more of an artistic visual statement of the interior space in your home, going for a patterned decorative design of your choice is now one of the trends. The basic hardwood flooring has become out of date. A lot more people are now going for unique special layering patterns such as chevron or herringbone flooring patterns.

Both chevron and herringbone design pattern creates a “V” shape, but it differs when laid out creating a stunning visual layout for your flooring aesthetics. This pattern makes it quick and easy for wood flooring companies as it can be done in an interlocking process and requires no adhesives that can be easily removed if you want to redesign your space.

This type of wood parquet is increasingly becoming popular as it adds a unique taste to your flooring that gives off a refreshing and stylish look.

Classic Single and Wide Planks

You can never go wrong with the classics. The classic single planks remain the king of hardwood flooring. This will never go out of style as it gives you that familiar homey vibe.

And if you want to add a more trendy one without disregarding the classic feel, you can combine a modern style and wooden finish by integrating wide planks. This style is preferred for wood flooring in Dubai as it can make a small indoor space look wide and less constrained. You can have this style if you want that classic aesthetics that gives off warmth and elegance on your home flooring but still adds a modern twist.

Natural Looking Dark Wood

Many are now into authentic, natural, and dark hardwood for their flooring style. Recently, there has been a shift in demand for darker but still natural-looking wooden floorboards. Examples of these are smoked parquets that have been naturally oiled. The natural and preserved look makes it a top choice for some.

The darkened wood planks have a brushed surface and a slightly matt finish, which resembles a natural wood that straightly came out of the forest, giving you a natural, serene, and dusky feel of old wood.

Rustic Floorboards

The rustic flooring style doesn’t go out of the limelight. It is still increasingly preferred by most homeowners. And here are some of the rustic looks you can recreate for your flooring needs:

  • Reclaimed wood flooring is the simplest way to achieve a rustic style and a homey vibe. To add depth to your space, leave off the marks of your old wood and add slight finishing to repurpose your wooden floors and make them very sustainable.
  • Trying distressed wood gives you an overall rustic feel as it mimics the grooves and indents found in naturally aged wood.
  • Choosing a brushed wood option can also be a good idea to allow the natural texture and grain of the wood to stand out by brushing off small fibers on the wooden floorboard.

Calm and Neutral Color Palette

One of the hottest trends for 2022 is still calm, white-washed, and neutral colors for flooring aesthetics. A neutral color palette for your flooring projects complements any interior design, from white-washed oak that retains its natural look to a calm unfinished wood and soft greys.

Minimalism and keeping it simple yet classy is the new trend for 2022. And opting for a calm and neutral color palette for your wood flooring allows your space to look subtle. And you can try to add a pop of bright color to your furniture to blend it well in the background.

If you are looking for someone to turn these trendy styles into your home space, one of the top wood flooring companies in Dubai – Nordic Homeworx, offers a wide variety of flooring styles for your flooring needs. You can book a consultation here to help you source the finest woods and create your ideal space into reality.

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