5 Spectacular Floor Patterns & Layouts That Can Make Your Home Stand Out

April 8, 2021


5 Spectacular Floor Patterns & Layouts That Can Make Your Home Stand Out

Installing hardwood in your home can be an overwhelming decision with the various textures, shades, and types of wood species available in the market. It is crucial to find the most suitable floor pattern for your home to bring the best from your wooden floor installation. Most people do not want a monotonous look all over the premises and look for a change that can bring beauty, elegance, luxury all at once. This article will explore five spectacular floor patterns and layouts that can make your home stand out.

Large patterns

Large patterns are ideal for a living room or more open space areas. You can use large wooden planks to create a design in the middle for a premium look. Different shades of wood can be used in the textured area, or you may use a parquetry style to get the big image in the middle. This automatically creates an in-built rug to your floor.

Floor Wall Combination

This layout is an excellent way for unique yet stylish flooring. The wooden planks will not limit to the floors but will extend to walls making a floor-wall combination. You can try this for two opposite walls and keep the rest of the walls in white color for a more sophisticated look. Wooden planks with blonde, honey, or copper color tones can mix well here as these shades can bring the natural wood tone.

3D tricks

Wooden planks are not limited to decorate a floor in simple monotonous horizontal or vertical patterns. These timber stripes can benefit from more extensive options such as 3D patterns. You can use these 3D patterns mainly in hall areas to keep it varied and interesting. You can reach a home flooring company to select the best textures that can blend with other areas of your premises.


Parquet patterns never go out of style, and you can use these designs in different ways and angles to create a more personalized look to your flooring. Chevron, Dutch, and Herringbone are the most popular parquetry styles that can give an extra edge of elegance to your space. Here, wooden planks are used in different or repeating geometric patterns. You can diversify the area by adding contrasting designs in the middle.

Different Zones

When installing hardwood in a house, most people opt for more than one design to separate them and keep them diversified. However, this is always done in different rooms or areas of the house. Different zones make a twist here and use many designs in one room. You can choose different colors and textures here and create a mixed room design.

What Are The Best Wood Species For These Layouts?

Although there are no limitations, most of these styles can blend well with certain wooden types. Oakwood flooring is the most popular here, and the species can be found quickly to bring an elevated look to your premises. You can also choose Maple if you are looking for a more honey or copper color hue. Cherry wood planks can offer a rich reddish-brown and are ideal for floor wood combination. If you want a dark brown and gold streak mixed look, try teak timber for your home for a gold standard look.

If you are looking to change your home flooring and install wooden planks with the latest designs and patterns, browse at Nordic Homeworx for a wide variety of textures. Contact us now or visit our wood flooring company in Dubai to get professional consultations. Our team is happy to help you select the best flooring option for your home.

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