5 Ways Surface Treatment Upgrades The Look Of Wood Floors

March 28, 2022

One of the advantages of wood floorings is that they give spaces a warm and elegant feel that can be maintained for a long period of time. Through various surface finishes, they can even be tailored according to what owners aim for their spaces, while ensuring durability and protection. 

There are numerous surface treatments available to improve the appearance of wood floorings. Knowing which type is best for your floor is important not only for its maintenance, but also for the overall feel of your space.

In deciding which surface treatment is best for your wood flooring, consider the following look upgrades along with the treatments that makes such look possible:

Traditional Polished Look

One of the reasons why owners usually opt for the installation of wood flooring is the traditional, classy vibe it gives to spaces. With this, gloss and satin looks have become the go-to look when it comes to wood flooring finishes. To attain this look, water-based polyurethane is commonly resorted to. This provides wood floorings a clear and polished surface which is perfect in giving spaces a classic vibe.

Enhanced Grain Patterns

Rustic interiors have become the trend for spaces in 2021. Many people are becoming increasingly fascinated by natural wood for their walls, furnishings, and even floorings, since they give a distressed look that emphasizes the rustic feels of their spaces.

To achieve a brushed wood floor finishing that gives wooden flooring a distressed look, the use of oil penetrating sealer is a wise choice as a surface treatment. This gives wood a low-gloss look which brings out its grain patterns and enhances its natural colors for a more rustic and natural vibe.

Optimized Natural Colors

With its colors and patterns fading due to its fair share of wear and tear, wood tends to look dull as time goes by. To refresh the look of your wood flooring, it is not only necessary to give it a thorough clean, but it is also important to top up its finish. With the use of an oil-based polyurethane as a surface treatment, the amber yellow effect of light-colored woods would be enhanced, while the dark tones of dark-shaded wood would stand out. This gives wood flooring a fresh and natural look where signs of wear and tear become less visible.

Enhanced Depth

Being naturally made, wood floorings give a more realistic and warm feel that enhances the overall look of spaces. As time goes by, however, it naturally becomes worn out, making spaces look muted. To enhance the depth and warmth of wood flooring, you may opt to change its color through staining or by using oil-based polyurethane as surface treatment. Through either of these processes, the colors of the wood flooring become more enhanced, giving your space a deep and naturally rich look.

Removes Dents and Scratches

In its lifetime, it is natural for solid wood floors to look scratched over time, especially in areas with high traffic, such as living rooms and hallways, where pets and children typically run around. Because of this, homeowners are often concerned with preserving their wood flooring from deterioration. 

To remove unwanted dents and scratches, as well as to protect your wood flooring from further accumulating these, you may opt to have them professionally repaired and refinished through the use of hard-wax oil as surface treatment. Hard-wax oil provides an excellent protection for wood and makes it less susceptible from staining. Through these processes, you can achieve a newer, fresher look for your wood flooring.

To know more about the right surface treatment and the possible look it will give your space, you may reach out to flooring consultants from Nordic Homeworx, a wood flooring company in Dubai.

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