7 Interior Design Trends To Prepare You For Dubai’s Winter

November 20, 2019

As the weather changes and the temperature cools down, the people of the UAE are getting ready for the 2019 winter. So, have you started making changes in and around your home to welcome the new season?

From interior designs to color tones for the winter, our designers at Nordic Homeworx are looking at home interiors as a whole this year. 

While we still focus on providing the best wood flooring for Dubai homes, here are a few tips to help accentuate your lovely abode in other ways.

Go soft and supple

Soft accessories like wool or flannel sheets, handwoven quilts, cashmere, and woolen throws are some of the much-adored winter interior trends to keep the warmth inside. 

Having these available at an arm’s length while lounging on the sofa or your daybed will not only add comfort but also style.

Keep the knitted accessories in the spotlight by having them folded over the back of the sofa or rolled into a pillow to bring the feeling of warmth and comfort. Add a faux fur rug to your wooden flooring as well for a warm underfoot for the upcoming wintry days.

Light some candles

With the days getting shorter, one way to keep your homes illuminated while reducing the blue light is to use some candles. Scented candles add a calming and charming glow to your homes while keeping the rooms smelling fresh as well. Use metallic candle holders that can accent your interiors better. The light and warmth from candles is one thing that will make you feel cozy and comforting throughout this winter.

Play with the color tones

By adding silver and dark blue tones to your curtains, bedspreads, and rugs; you will also be adding some depth and an air of sophistication to your interiors. Darker tones and metallic colors go well with wooden accents. Your hardwood flooring will also look elevated and beautiful when paired with a dark blue rug. Cool dark colors can also be incorporated into your home for the Christmas holiday season.

Bring out wooden elements

When the temperature drops, having a lot of wooden elements in your home will help in warming up your place. Wood acts as a natural insulator against cold and retains the heat inside the home. Swap your metallic furniture for wooden ones to add a rustic feel to your abode. 

If you have tiled floors and are interested to change to wooden flooring for your home, choose wood flooring with underwood heating. Villas and apartments with underwood heating will keep floors staying warm even if the windows are open and the room draughty. In addition, underwood heating keeps the heat distributed in every room. 

So are you getting winter-ready with the right interior improvements? Make your home a comfortable haven this winter season with the right wood flooring from Nordic Homeworx.


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