Caring For Wooden Floors: The Dos And Don’ts Of Maintenance

July 17, 2019

Wood floorings adds elegance and comfort to any interior, whether a private home or a public space. As with many other products, a certain amount of maintenance is required to keep a hardwood floor in good condition. With proper maintenance, your wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come.

As Kährs wood floors are engineered using different types of wood species and come in various hues and shades, they have varying sensitivity towards light, pressure and impact. For instance, light coloured floors are typically more sensitive to wear and tear, requiring frequent maintenance; while dark wood floors are more prone to expose dust and dirt.

So, in this blog post, we will explore some of the general guidelines for keeping your wood flooring clear of dust, dirt, dents and discolouration.

General Guidelines

Just like any floor, hardwood flooring attracts dust and dirt if not regularly cleaned. For instance, if you are home after a walk in the park, it is recommended that you get a good doormat to clean and dry your shoes off before stepping inside the home. This will help keep the gravel and sand outside the doors and not inside your home. Sand and gravel are too coarse for the wood surfaces and could potentially scratch the wood.

Attaching protective pads on furniture is another great way to keep your floors scratch-free. Soft pads on the bottom of the tables and chairs will keep patches and scratches off the hardwood floorings. 

Cleaning Hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors are susceptible to dust and moisture. So, the best way to clean them is by dry cleaning them. Vacuum and brush the floors regularly. You can occasionally use a damp, well wrung-out microfibre mop to clean the floors. 

Kährs have created specialised wood cleaner liquids to care for the wood floorings. For instance, cleaning your floors with diluted Kährs Cleaner or ready-mixed Kährs Spray cleaner will guarantee a cleaner and moisture-free floors after cleaning them. With the right amount of water, the floors will dry in less than a minute. Further, always remember that different woods have different properties. The beech and maple wood floorings, for example, are extra sensitive to moisture.

To remove stain marks, Kährs cleaner in diluted water is a perfect choice. At the same time, avoid all types of cleaning fluids containing ammonia.

Wood floorings come with oil or lacquer treatments. Oiled floors from Kährs bring out the fine structure and grain of the wood and enhances its colour. While these floors are easy to clean and maintain, they must be done using Kährs Satin oil. Never use strong stain removing agents on your wood floorings as hard scrubbing can lead to discolouration. Any discolouration after using the satin oil can be re-coloured used the Kährs touch-up oil.

Lacquered floors from Kährs have the strongest floor lacquer on the market. Kährs lacquer makes the wood flooring surfaces easy to care for as the stains don’t adhere to the floors. However, using strong stain removing agents and hard scrubbing can grind off the lacquer. Once the surface is free from dirt and debris, dissolve the Kährs Cleaner in lukewarm water and use it to clean the area. To bring back the shine on the lacquered floors, use the Kährs Lacquer Refresher.

Repairing Hardwood Floorings

Dents and scratches on the Kährs hardwood floorings can be touched up using different Kährs products. For shallow dents and scratches on oiled floors use Kährs Satin Oil. For deeper scratches, use Kährs Touch Up Oil. If there are deeper dents on the floor, scratches and cracks, fill the dent with Kährs Hard Wax or Kährs Wood Filler before using the touch-up oil.

For lacquer surfaces, use  Kährs Lacquer Refresher for shallow dents and scratches. If the floor has suffered deeper scratches use Kährs Touch Up Lack. As for very deep dents and scratches, use the Kährs Hard Wax or Kährs Wood Filler to fill in before clearing the area with the touch-up Lack.

Looking for some maintenance help for your Kährs wooden floors? Have they worn out or in need of some kind of renovation? Contact us today to have a new surface treatment applied professionally.

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