A Designer’s Guide To Beautiful Dark Flooring Ideas For Your Home

July 1, 2021

A Designer's Guide To Beautiful Dark Flooring Ideas For Your Home

The floor is possibly one of the essential elements in your home. Not only is it important for style, but it is also necessary for sound-proofing, decor, and comfort. Therefore, you need to make sure to choose the perfect one for your home. And there is no flooring choice as bold or as elegant as dark hardwood flooring. It creates a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that is revered and evokes splendor. With gorgeous grain and an ability to provide interest, this material is becoming a popular choice for designers worldwide. 

However, to grasp its maximum benefit, you need to ensure that it is incorporated cleverly. As stunning as they appear, dark colors can be tricky to work with, and if utilized poorly, they could shrink a space and make it look gloomy and uninviting. Therefore, we will explore some tried and tested techniques to ensure your flooring choice complements the mood and aesthetics you desire. 

Change the color of the walls to a lighter shade.

Dark flooring can quickly become overpowering, especially if the rest of the room is also muted and of a similar tone. When this happens, space can feel cold and constricted; therefore, you will be unable to relax and eventually will avoid staying there. One of the most effective ways to restore harmony is to change the color of the walls to a lighter one. It can help make the room airy, and the contrast will add an exciting dynamic to the otherwise gloomy place. 

As the room itself will look captivating even when empty, you will be able to explore a wider variety of styles. Minimalism will work great in this space as the contrast between the floor and walls provide sophistication and an element of interest from the get-go. Therefore, when you pull back on the furnishings, the room will not look empty or drab. 

Opt for light and bright furnishings

If you speak to your wood flooring company, they will most likely warn you against using dark flooring with dark furniture, and the reason for this is very much the same as the above. Dark is always going to make a space look dreary and uninviting. Therefore, you need to provide contrast through either light or bright colored furnishings. 

While light tones are traditionally used, with white fittings being the most common, to make a space more exciting, you can always opt for something more interesting. Distressing furniture in lighter hues such as light blues or greens can provide a brilliant rustic charm to space and make it breathtaking to behold. If you want something sleek, you can always go for selected bright-colored furnishings. The dark flooring can make them pop and grab attention even more. However, make sure not to overdo the colors. Balance them with lighter furnishings to avoid making the room look too busy. 

If you want to go ahead with dark engineered wood flooring for your home, get in touch with us at Nordic Homeworx. Our experienced staff will help you achieve the aesthetics you desire without compromising your home’s overall style and harmony.

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