Adding A Pop Of Color: Match Your Wooden Floors With Suitable Wallpaper Patterns

December 22, 2020

After selecting how subtle or bold you prefer to have your space’s theme, you can think of the suitable wooden flooring and wallpaper pattern collectively. If you are going through a renovation process and reinstalling your premises, the choices would be much easier if you know how to select the right wooden flooring for your existing wallpaper patterns. This article will discuss matching the pop of color to your space to get along with the supplementary artifacts.

Extra Space  With Light Tones

Be it lighter hardwood or wall colors, both go hand in hand to provide a more spacious ambiance to your space. You can select a wallpaper pattern with a design that repeatedly appears all over the wall and combine the color tones with the selected lighter shades to your floor.

Wallpaper patterns with nude colors are an ideal pick here to bring a classic yet stylish design to your walls, especially if you use the featured wallpapers in the hallway or corridor areas. The trend of simplified touch needs to be perceived to keep up with the elegance of the interior.

Themed Areas Like Kids Rooms

Kid’s rooms are often colorful and bright, where you can see themes of their favorite story or magical views that bring joy to space. You can use darker shades of wood here, especially if the room is also used as the play area.

If you prefer a pattern over a themed style, you can select repetitive patterns like small animals or icons that bring a friendly environment to your child’s room. A lighter toned hardwood can help to emphasize these wallpapers and keep the room in a warmer tone at the same time.

Blissful Charm And Vintage

Wallpapers with geometrical designs or swirly patterns are ideal for the kitchen or dining area of your home. Hardwood floors with darker shades of oak can be used here to get along with the featured patterns.
The mesmerizing graphic patterns with different color shades create a sophisticated aesthetic texture elevating the theme of your space. The perfect wood flooring can also bring out the restaurant’s atmosphere to your dining room with the right selection of tone and character.

Peaceful Resting Areas

Everyone has special relaxing areas in their home, be it the bedroom or the wall next to your favorite couch that you read a book, the wallpaper patterns should be more charming and eye-pleasing to bring peacefulness. Pastel floral designs are an ideal fit here with whitewashed wood flooring styles. The relaxing textures will give a cozy ambiance and the tranquility you require after a long day of work. You can add floor lamps in these areas to enhance the look and increase the tone of your wood planks with light.

Visit us at the Nordic Homeworx showroom to browse through the vast range of engineered wood floorings that come in vibrant tones, exclusive shades, and unique patterns. Get yourself consulted by the experts in the wooden floor industry and accomplish the desired look to your premises with the touch of luxuriousness. 

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