The Art Of Installing The Right Wood Floors To Suit The Theme Of Your Office

July 23, 2020

Each office space has a unique vibe, and interior designers try to capture this energy in all of the designs and furnishings. While some office spaces have a traditional design, others have a modern chic look. Capturing the energy of the office space will reflect the vision of the company; this helps to captivate the attention of the clients and make a statement.

Why Wooden Floors?

Wooden floors add a regal look to residential and office spaces alike. They are a popular option because they offer both durability and elegance. They add a classic touch, which other flooring materials cannot achieve. Wooden floors also make small rooms appear spaced out when it is not. 

Wood planks appear to be continuous and seem like one single unit rather than different interlocked pieces. Light hued wood planks reflect the natural light; this makes the room appear bright and airy. 

Wood floors are hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. They do not accumulate microorganisms or pesticides, making it the best option these days. It is also known to improve air quality among the other sanitary features. 

Wood Floors For Commercial Spaces

There are a few fundamental differences in the wood floors required for commercial and residential spaces. Office flooring is exposed to harsh conditions in comparison to residential floors. This indicates that the floors in office spaces need to be durable and resistant to wear. 

Engineered wood flooring is a good option for commercial settings because they are constructed by using several layers of wood veneer. This multi-layer construction is the best technique as it improves the dimensional stability of the product. The process also inhibits the expansion and contraction of the wooden floors, which makes the floor resistant to temperature, humidity, and moisture. 


Most commercial spaces have concrete floors, and this is ideal as it is easier to install wood floors on concrete surfaces. Concrete is a good subfloor option as it is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and has excellent sound control. 

These reasons make concrete a popular subfloor option to install wooden floors. It is still crucial to flatten the concrete floor according to the wood floor manufacturer’s specifications for a successful installation. Skilled contractors have the expertise to remove the uneven areas and depressions with the appropriate patching compounds.

It is also crucial to conduct a moisture test before the installation of wooden floors. Moisture trapped within the floor can cause the wood to spoil. Make sure to allow concrete subfloors to cure and dry for 30 days before installation begins. We provide clients with instructions and flooring solutions according to your unique requirements. 

The two well-known moisture tests performed include relative humidity and calcium chloride tests. The results of the test will be able to determine if your space requires solutions like vapor retarders to eradicate moisture within your floors.

Retain flooring needs to be rigorously maintained. It is crucial to have a specific cleaning routine to maintain the condition of the wood floors. Maintained floors can easily last for decades; you can also opt to refinish or reseal the wood to sustain its beauty. 

Nordic Homeworx provides numerous wood floor solutions for different purposes. You have the choice of picking out some of our high-quality Kährs wood for your varied needs. These wood solutions can be used on walls and floors alike. 

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