The Birth Of A Natural Wood Floor: The Design & Dynamics

April 3, 2019

Great wood floors are born out of passion. Passion to achieve the best, most authentic wood floors that remain in excellent condition and beautiful for a very long time.

We’re certain that the key to success lies in the people that produce it. It’s their passion and knowledge that ensures that the quality Kährs has been delivering over the years continues to distinguish our floors. Many of Kährs’ employees have been working at the Nybro plant for several decades – in some cases for generations – passing on their knowledge to new family members, friends and neighbours that start working at Kährs.

With over 500 passionate and skilled employees, Kährs has become a renowned industry pioneer and one of the most commended manufacturers of natural wooden floors. We as Nordic Homeworx (Kährs’ distributor and specialist wood flooring company in Dubai) have always believed in Kährs and the pride and hard work of its employees who strive to deliver the highest quality wood floors on a daily basis.

A Floor for Generations

A Kährs wood floor is made to last for generations. Kährs has an age-old tradition of exploring different ways of bringing out the best from their sustainably sourced wood. Their timeless designs enhance the beauty of natural wood- manufacturing durable, sustainable and healthy wood floors that are sure to remain in trend forever. Meanwhile, Kährs also looks towards the contemporary interior and fashion trends for inspiration and produce natural wooden floors that stay in vogue with current interior design trends- including trendy colours and patterns.

Matt is the New Black

With the specialised knowledge of different types of wood and their unique properties, wood surface treatments are tailored to create particular effects, like the latest ultra-matt lacquer by Kährs. The ultra-matt lacquer gives the floors a very matt natural look and finishes that enhances the natural wood grains, unlike the overly-polished and glossy wooden floors seen in some interiors.

With the increasing number of large (sometimes floor-to-ceiling) glass windows and doors seen in contemporary homes, causing an influx of natural daylight on the floor, the need for anti-reflective natural floors has increased. Studies show that a matt finish floor can reduce the effect of shiny reflections on the floor caused by daylight, which may confuse our sight and senses.

Wood Floors: The Design Procedure

The process of creating new wood flooring involves several steps, which ensures the involvement of everyone- from designers to skilled technicians and quality controllers. In the initial stages, the designers will address current and future trends and user needs before deciding on the new design. The design will have notes on colour themes, textures, placement patterns and such.

The technicians look into actually producing the results of the designs. For instance, the ultra-matt lacquer needed an entirely new surface treatment procedure for getting the resultant matt finish. Another team of production technicians will work on delivering the floor prototype and set it out for testing. The wood floor prototypes are compared and tested constantly before finalising the perfect finish. All in all, producing a new wood floor design is a collective effort.

It is this precision of collaborative pioneering, experimenting, testing and perfecting that yields the resultantly high-quality wood floors by Kährs.

Finding Your Fit

The ideal wood floor for your interior is one triggers strong positive emotions and enhances the comforting atmosphere of your home. But regardless of which floor you choose, our wood flooring company believes in Kährs’ philosophy – that your Kährs wood floor will always remain timeless and the perfect choice.

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