How Can You Bring Nature Into Your Living Room With The Perfect Choice Of Wood

January 18, 2021

You can bring a touch of nature into your premises with luxury wooden floor options. The detail of wood grains with unique characteristics brings these realistic effects to your house. Different shades, defects like knots in timber help to magnify these features. Flooring company in Dubai offers these features in their wood planks to benefit customers with a timeless sense of peace that comes with the natural effects. This article will discuss ‘how you can bring nature into your living room with the perfect choice of wood’ for your benefit.

Natural Wooden Flooring

Natural wooden flooring continues to stay on trend with the various shades of timber species that highlight the subtle characteristics of wood. People love to buy these planks with strikes and knots to enhance the natural beauty in their space. Choosing the textures and colors similar to the world outside can bring a similar essence to the indoor world.

Magnificent Oak

Oakwood flooring is the most popular type of wood flooring with its everlasting effects and benefits. With oak, you can add warmth and elegance to your space while retaining authentic nature.  You can select stressed wood planks with knots and variations to get one more step closer to the realistic effects. 

Whitewashed Effects

These wooden planks can bring warmth and brightness to your space and even make narrow spaces look larger with their characteristics. The whitewash effects can bring nature to your home by enhancing the natural sunlight in the room. Wooden species like oak, maple, walnut, cheery are fewer options that you can try out with whitewashed effect to your floor,

Dark Cherry Wood

The deep red tones of cherry timber can be used to bring a change effect to your floor. You can have a few plant pots in these areas and mix the greenery with reddish-brown hues.  An indoor fountain will be an ideal pick to decorate with these flooring where you can sense nature in both sight and sound modes.

Rustic Expressions 

You can use hard maple wood, which has a natural oil finish and a special gray stain, which creates a luxuriously rustic expression. This wood plank enhances the worn appearance to ensure a classic look.  You can hang paintings of natural scenes to bring more intrinsic effect to your premises

You can prefer single or multiple colors of shades to different areas of your space to comprehend each section. Incorporating house plants, indoor water fountains, and nature-oriented theme decorations can bring more natural effects to your home. These ideal villa flooring techniques will help you to bring nature into your premises, where you can truly rest and relax. At Nordic Homeworx, you can get help from the experts to select the most suitable timber for your space. Contact us now or browse through the website of Nordic Homeworx to see our latest wood flooring collection.

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