Buyer’s Guide: Designer Tips On How To Match Your Kitchen Interior With The Floor Of Your Choice

June 22, 2021

Buyer's Guide: Designer Tips On How To Match Your Kitchen Interior With The Floor Of Your Choice

Matching your floor to the interior of your house is crucial to maintain an all-around consistency and style for the home. However, doing this can be tricky with the kitchen floor and interior. 

Especially as a kitchen has elements like cabinets, counter/tabletops, pantry, and kitchen seating around, matching the kitchen interior to a floor of your choice can be a real task. Here we have three designer tips to help you out with this. 

Make The Right Color Coordination

First things first, color coordination is extremely important to match any interior with the flooring. Some confuse color coordination with the word matching – color coordination is more into complimenting another color. 

So when you’re choosing a theme or style for your kitchen interior, make sure you consider the color of the floor as well. You can also visualize how different colors will blend or complement well with the floor. Doing this can make it easy for you to plan and design your kitchen interior in a way that matches the floor. 

Consider Light And Neutral Colors 

Despite the flooring choice you have already made, you can consider using neutral colors like black, white, or gray to your cabinets, countertops, and even the kitchen seating(if you have any). This can give out a sleeker and minimal look to your kitchen, with the floor being the center of focus. With the right lighting- this can add a warm and comfortable ambiance to your kitchen as well. 

Or else, you can color coordinate the kitchen countertops, cabinets, and walls with a lighter shade of the kitchen floor –not to overpower it, and then add any accent furniture that can stand out for a more contemporary-style kitchen look. 

Accent furniture is anything that stands out among the rest of the décor or furniture in a space. For example, if a room has mostly green furniture and a contrasting red or blue chair, this chair is accent furniture. You can get plenty of inspirations online for accent furniture set up in kitchens to match the floor of your choice. 

Interiors Contrasting To The Floor May Create A Vibrant Ambience

Matching your interior doesn’t always have to be within the same shade of colors or colors that complement one another. Vibrant and contrast is such a big part of interior design now. And adding contrasting colors to your kitchen interior is becoming the new trend in modern kitchen looks. 

Moreover, if you’re a person who doesn’t like neutral, light, or grounded colors, you can easily focus on contrasting your cabinet and countertops to that of the floor. The level of contrast will usually depend on which style you prefer. 

Usually, a modern kitchen style calls for contrasting colors like yellow, green, red, and blue. You can consider adding an accent color to add more character to your space in a way that will break up your kitchen interior from looking too clinical. 

Accent colors are usually the ones you find in pieces of kitchen hardware and fixtures, such as hanging lights, food appliances, cabinet handles, and faucets. Accent colors are more subtle, with metallic colors becoming more popular.

The best part about this setup is that you don’t have to worry about your future kitchen floor choices- as it, either way, should strategically contrast with the interior. 

If you’re looking for a flooring company in Dubai that can plan and execute a floor plan to match and uplift your kitchen interior, then get in touch with us at Nordic Homeworx. As a leading flooring company in the world, we have a reliable team of experienced and skilled staff who can precisely cater to all your flooring needs. 

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