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While the current trend leaning towards lighter, or more natural earthy tones in wood flooring, it was really refreshing to come across this property with a classic, red-toned wood floor with an exotic feel.

Kährs Jarrah Sydney is a beautiful, sustainably-sourced, 3-strip wood floor with a dramatic colour. Jarrah (Australian Eucalyptus) is a dark and very durable wood species, harder than Oak. It has a smooth surface and straight grain and the heartwood is reddish in colour.

Because of its rather dramatic exotic hue – and because it becomes darker and richer over the years – this floor is best combined with light interiors that will in turn establish a balance between toning the dark, exotic-looking floor down while also creating a striking contrast over time. A classic, timeless combination.

Jarrah Sydney 1Jarrah Sydney 2Jarrah Sydney 3Jarrah Sydney 4Jarrah Sydney 5Kährs Jarrah Sydney

Images via Västanhem Mäkleri




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