September 11, 2012

Yesterday we visited our client’s villa in Victory Heights (Esmeralda Village) in the Dubailand District to photograph our all-time favourite grey coloured Kährs wood floor – Oak Slate by Kährs Artisan Collection.

This floor is a beautiful, really rustic product with heavy handscraping that gives the floor a lot of life and texture. Smoking gives the board a gray-blue look with white pores, reminiscent of slate rock. The floor was installed in the villa’s immensely beautiful living and dining room areas, both of which contain a beautiful collection of eclectic, contemporary/arabesque and neutral furniture and art pieces. The floor perfectly marries all the different elements and styles in the rooms and creates a sense of harmony and unity which is really inviting, especially in such social areas in a home.

Even the Scottish Fold cat loves the floor!

For more images, click here.

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