Cleaning 101: Are Wooden Floors Easier To Clean?

September 15, 2020

Opting for hardwood flooring and wooden floors, in general, has become a popular trend for homes and even commercialized properties. They can make your spaces look classy, elegant, or even cozy, depending on the tone, wood type, and finish chosen for installation. These aspects can also influence the cleaning techniques and maintenance methods used to keep the floors looking shiny and polished. All you need to consider are these few steps:

Clean As Often As You Can

Mopping the floors every day is not a necessity but running them down with a dust mop often can help remove all the grime and dust that has accumulated in the grooves of the floors. It is essential to clean the public areas more often than others because they are highly exposed to foot traffic; thus, the areas become untidy fairly quickly. 

Even though wooden floors are known to be durable, cleaning them at frequent intervals with gentle cleansers can help prevent expensive reparation costs. Vacuum cleaners are usually recommended, as opposed to mops, if you want your floor to be completely dust-free. Vacuuming ensures that any and all particles are completely removed and the chances of avoiding dirt on the parquet flooring become high. 

Investing Is Necessary

Investing in the right tools for cleaning will make the whole process of cleaning much easier. KÄHRS cleaning concentrate is an eco-friendly alternative for cleaning which can be mixed with water and used to clean with a mop. 

Moreover, KÄHRS spray cleaner that does not require any additional water use is another exceptional cleaner that provides instant results. You can just spray and apply it with a mop. Furthermore, you can buy the KÄHRS mop pad which is an excellent replacement for the usual mop. It can be washed in the machine and that can help you make sure that the pad is always clean before the next use. 

Do Not Make Your Floors Too Wet

If your wooden floors remain wet for a prolonged amount of time, it can lead to irreparable damage. You can either keep the water usage to a bare minimum or use water-free alternatives. One of the essentials of hardwood flooring is that they need to be well taken care of so that they can always maintain their sleek and shiny look. The KÄHRS floor care kit includes all of the necessities that you will potentially need in order to protect and preserve the floor’s quality.

Prevention Tips

There are ways to make your home a dirt-free zone when the right interventions are used and implemented on a daily basis. It is suggested that shoe racks should be kept at the entrance of the house so that any possibilities of the shoes bringing dirt inside can be eliminated. Investing in a doormat can help prevent dirt from coming inside because people moving in and out of the house can bring mud and debris that can introduce more dirt and stains to your floors. Following these prevention tips will enable you to withhold your wooden floor’s value for a lot longer since it would be less prone to any damage. 

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