Cozy Floor Designs That You Should Consider

September 22, 2020

These days, people commonly look for cozy, soothing, and warm floor designs in engineered wood for their homes. Wooden floors with inviting undertones go well with the required furniture and always help people create the perfect cozy room. 

There are a variety of options that people can choose from but not all of them give off the warmth that you want to attain. Hard maple, Jatoba, Ash, and Birch are the most popular options that you can choose from for your optimal cozy look. 

Rustic and Cozy With Hard Maple

If you are looking for a sophisticated and cozy feel at the same time, then hard maple is a perfect choice. Maple hardwood flooring is homely and it introduces a warm and earth-like feel in your home. Hard maple can really inject welcoming vibes with its unique tone and texture, especially when paired with unique colored furniture. 

Introduce Richness In Your Home With Jatoba 

Jatoba is a brilliant option if you wish to opt for a rich and warm vibe for your home. Jatoba is an exotic choice of engineered wood flooring and it is available in a deep range of colors so it can be very helpful in attaining that warm aesthetic that you have always longed for. Jatoba’s color stands out the most and it is a very sought after choice due to its enchanting and compelling undertones and the smooth grain patterns. 

Achieve A Bright Look With Ash 

Ash is an exceptional option for stimulating that feeling of tranquility that only a warm-toned wood can bring to your personal space. Ash wooden flooring perfectly equals a bright and homey look that can flawlessly encapsulate your visions of a perfect and cozy room and bring it to life. You can place well-matched furniture to add the finishing touch in the house. 

Soft And Light With Birch

Birchwood is an incredible option if you want to go for a soft look that induces warmth and brightness in the background. It is very soft in the literal sense as well since it is very easy and light to walk on and it gives off a very spacious and open look. It is suitable to pair with a small spaced room as it can help the space look larger. 

Domestic With Beech

Beechwood is famous for adding a domestic atmosphere in the room. It is known for giving out welcoming vibes due to the light and bright undertones present in the grain patterns of beech wood. Beech wooden flooring is an all-rounder as it will deliver your desired look irrespective of its size. 

Selecting the best fit floor can be a challenge given the exceptional options present in the market. With the help of an expert, you can gain the desired results for your home. Visit Nordic Homeworx to view our collection of cozy wooden flooring designs and consult with our in house experts today. 

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