How Different Wood Finishings Can Help Change The Look Of Your Home

June 9, 2020

As you begin to build your home or even refurbish, installing the right wood floorings that add to your interior design theme is important. This way, you can holistically construct your space to look elegant and stylish, just the way you want it. After you have selected the desired wood species and color of your choice, choosing an apt wood finishing is also necessary as it can enhance the look of your selection. A comprehensive guide has been crafted for your benefit below to help you make the right choice of wood finishing.

High Gloss Lacquer

For wood floorings that shine brightly at all times of the day, you can choose to have a high gloss lacquer finish done on the wood’s surface. This type of finishing is usually chosen for homes that are going for the extravagant factor and need additions wherein the entire place stands out. With floors that look this glossy, having minimal light can also help brighten up space dramatically as the wood takes over the role of doing so. Even by selecting a darker colored wood, the shine will help illuminate the floors either way and make the room look bigger than usual. 

Matt Lacquer

Matt wooden flooring achieves the opposite of high gloss floors by adding a subtle yet classy finish to the interior decor. The wooden planks look much like untreated and natural wood blocks as they have no excess shine on the surface. For spaces that look to gain a modern take on the interiors, matt lacquer finishing works well on every color palette. With minimal maintenance and high longevity, these styled floors will age well with your changing interiors for years to come. The room can look understated and elegant at the same time with floors that blend into any theme with ease.

Silk Matt Lacquer

Much like silk that has a smooth finish and touch to its appearance and feel, silk matt lacquered floors achieve the same feat. They are created to have a considerable shine that still falls under the matt finishing of wooden floors. These floors can complement a wide variety of themes and interior designs as they can appear as equals to greater established colors, patterns, and textures of decorative elements. 

Ultra Matt Lacquer

The ultra matt lacquer wood floor finish is manufactured to work as an understatement to any and every themed home or office. If you are looking to have a space installed with such styled floors, the attention is essentially not the floors but perhaps other elements of the room such as the walls, ceilings, or artifacts that the room houses. Although the floor portrays a classy demeanor it is meant to provide a further highlight to other elements within the room and put them under the spotlight for observation. 

Oiled Floorings

Oiled wooden floors are infamous for the slight shine that they provide giving a royal look to wood and enhancing the feel of any space. Much like matt lacquer floors, oiled floors do not reflect high amounts of light and can be used to create a subtle look in a home that is moderately bright. The minimal shine can help make the room appear bigger by extending the expanse significantly. For interiors that are contemporary themed, oiled flooring can prove to be a good companion to the setting. 

To install styled wooden floorings that match your specified ideas and preferences, you can book for a consolation with a flooring expert at our Nordic Homeworx flooring company. We can help guide you through the entire process of installation and care while helping you pick a favorite that will transform your home. 

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