Discover Different Types Of Wooden Floors That Compliment Each Season

December 8, 2020

The richness and lasting appeal of wooden floors have made them one of the finest flooring options to help create an elegant and inviting environment for homes and offices alike. Available in a variety of timber, shades, textures, and styles, the look of your premises can be elevated to an opt level with the right wood plank choice that matches with your furniture and décor. In this article, you can discover different types of wooden floors that complement each season optimally to help you select the aptest one for your space.

Increased daylight With Spring

White-washed wooden floors will bring a luxurious feel to your room with their exclusive welcoming look, making it a perfect fit for upscale retail stores and commercial places. The contemporary style with more matte is subtle in character and works best on white oak wood. The characteristics of whitewashes give a more natural and premium appearance along with increased daylight for a brighter space.

Parquetry For The Holidays

The classic beauty of parquetry with a geometric mosaic sequence of wood pieces brings a decorative effect to flooring and is ideal for any festive season. The classic and contemporary twist gives an extra air of elegance to your space welcoming your family and friends aptly for the holiday celebrations.

The patterned floor planks bring warmth and character resembling its rich history that dates back to the 17th century. Beautiful dark and intense brown tree spices like walnut, maple, or oak can be used in your wooden flooring with your chosen parquetry types that include Dutch, herringbone, and chevron styles.

Rich Wood Finishings For Summers

Engineered wood flooring is the ideal pick for the summer floors especially if you are employing the open concept for your living and entertainment spaces that are inclusive of sunrooms. With the correct wood choice, you can bring liveliness to your floor during the warmer weather months of the year.

The natural beauty with equal proportions of durability and versatility brings shine to your space and is easier to care comparative to the other. You can also enhance your wood with a touch of surface treatment with lacquer or oil and provide a layer of protection.

Embrace The Neutral Tones In Autumn

When the weather is starting to get ready for the colder season with shorter day times and trees shedding their leaves, you can bring the warmth inside your house with the right type of wooden selection. The shades of beige and oatmeal can provide any space with a timeless, clean, and persistent ambiance.

The earthy green and brown hues of timber like oak, cherry, walnut, hard maple can work together with neutral and rustic tones promoting a beautiful texture for your entire home. With these floors, you will be able to use a wide range of decorations in the Halloween season of autumn with these warm color shades and welcome the upcoming holidays in the best way possible.

Regardless of which season it is, a wide variety of wood floorings are available for you all year long to revamp your interiors. At Nordic Homeworx, the leading flooring company in Dubai you can discover the best pick for your space – be residential or commercial – from our wide range of products that incorporate any fit. Visit our showroom today and transform the look of your space today. 

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