Discover The Versatility Blonde Hardwood Floors In Different Settings

February 23, 2021

Everyone loves to embrace the light and brightness to their premises and enhance the liveliness in the indoor environment. As the ground or the space of a room matters the most to outbring its appearance, we often have given prominence to the floor selection. Wooden flooring in Dubai is one of the most premium and best choices when it comes to the flooring as it can bring richness to your premises along with comfort. The shades, grain patterns, and styles of wooden planks highlight from time to time, along with the trends. From all the tones, the timeless beauty of the blonde shades can bring the perfect look along with a cozy ambiance to your premises. Blonde will constantly remain in the spotlight in wooden flooring hues and will never go out of style with the classy look. In this article, you can discover the versatility of blonde hardwood floors in different settings.

Rustic Expressions

This wood flooring can give a classic feeling with the blonde color while highlighting the tree grain patterns of the timber. A rustic expression can give an authentic look where you can have a separate section to enjoy a villa experience in your residence. You can also add a distressed look, highlighting the knots of the wood to enhance the real features of your selected wooden planks.

Limitless Decorations

With the features of blonde hues, you can go for endless decoration options to the interior of your premises. From wall arts to upholstery, you can have numerous options to select the best preferred and most suited crafts and arts to your indoors. The perfect blending features of the tones will allow you to have different types of lighting fixtures highlighting the selected areas of your space. You can also use wood parquet patterns like Dutch, Chevron, or Herringbone if you like to highlight the beauty of your floor, deviating from the conservative flooring patterns.

Spacious look

Blonde is famous for adding spaciousness to narrow spaces to make them look larger. The wooden flooring option is ideal for rooms and kitchens as they are more equipped with furniture and other items in a limited amount of space. 

Sunroof Vibes

If you have a sunroof room in your home, blonde wood flooring is the ideal pick as it can keep the warmth and brightness within the room. You can use a varnish lacquer to resurface the wood planks if you are looking for more glossy and stylishness in your family room.

With the option to pick a lighter color and stain them to get blonde hues, experts suggest choosing a wood species that is already blonde in colors such as oak, maple, or ash. This will make your selection easy and precise and provide you with the best spacious and airy look to your residence. You can choose wood planks with greater thickness, especially for high traffic areas, as you can resurface the floor after years to its original look, making the opt from your investment on the ground.

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