Exploring How To Soften Wooden Flooring With Decor Choices

November 7, 2021

Wood floors are some of the most classic and versatile flooring choices for any space. Its flexible nature allows for various aesthetic themes to be explored in both residential or commercial properties. Fully maximise the benefits of your wooden flooring by incorporating different décor choices to your space.

Make use of carpets and rugs.
Simple accents can go a long way in softening the overall aesthetic of your space. If you have wooden flooring on the darker side, you can balance the look with carpets or rugs. Not only do they add style, but they can also provide comfort for your feet. Don’t hesitate to try out different colours and textures that will complement the theme of your house. We recommend using wool or wool-blend rugs as they complement most hardwood, are durable, and easy to maintain.

Use an accent wall.
Accent walls are easy and effective ways to add a pop of liveliness to your space. The best part about accent walls is that you can choose from a variety of solid colour, patterned, or textured options for your home. Due to its versatility, almost any kind of accent wall can suit most wood flooring. We recommend matching your lighter wood with soft, beige tones for a fresh, airy look. For dark-stained wood flooring, a textured wall with grey tones might be your best bet.

Choose complementing colours.
Soften the look of your wooden flooring by determining its undertone. Most wood types typically have undertones in the warmer spectrum. Effectively complement these floorings through the application of colour theory. Balance the look of your space by incorporating shades of blue to counteract the red and yellow tones of your flooring. Conversely, you can opt for green décor to complement flooring that leans more on the true brown shade.

Opt for a brightening palette.
Use lighter shades when choosing décor for your darker-toned wood flooring to pull light into your home and accentuate your flooring. Explore making use of white-coloured walls, wardrobes, and rugs to effectively provide a bold contrast to your darker floors. Additionally, you can opt for a lighter palette on your curtains or blinds that let natural light inside the space.

Add a pop of colour.
Brighten your overall space by integrating bold colours to your décor. If you’re too intimidated by this method, you can try by starting with subtle hints of colour by painting the inside of your bookshelves, through accent pillows, or with bright-coloured drapes. You can also add more colour to your home by hanging artwork. These are pieces that can easily soften the aesthetic of your place while giving it personality.

Choosing décor that will make a cohesive and stylish look for your home can be overwhelming, but it can be accomplished through careful application of basic colour and design theories. By using the versatility of wood to your advantage, achieve the look you want by combining different hues, patterns, and textures that fit your desired aesthetic.

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