Exploring The Option Of Installing Wooden Floors At Your Home Gym

October 27, 2020

Creating the home gym of your dreams starts from the ground up. Choosing the right floor is the foundation for setting up a home gym you’ll love and get the most use out of. 

While flooring choices for home gyms might be an afterthought, laying down a good type of floor can protect your gym equipment and your body when you work out.

If your default option is a carpeted or cemented surface, it might be a good idea to swap it out for wooden floors. Not only is it less painful to kneel or lay on, but wooden flooring is also more durable and can provide a level of safety that other flooring alternatives might lack. To ensure you pick out the best floor for your workout needs, discover why wooden flooring is the ideal choice. 

Why You Should Install Wooden Flooring 

Wooden floors can elevate your gym space almost instantly by adding a professional touch. Aside from that, wood floors are suitable for almost any type of exercise. 

Whether it’s yoga, aerobics, strength training, or high-intensity cardio, wooden floors are incredibly exercise-friendly and provide support for your body and equipment. Additionally, wooden floors are an ideal choice because of its durability and easy maintenance. By contrast, alternatives such as carpets trap sweat and moisture, while wooden surfaces are easier to clean. 

For easy installation, opt for parquet flooring, which can be laid out on almost any existing surface. Parquet is made from hardwood and is considered one of the most durable wooden floor types out there and can give your home gym that extra boost of elegance. 

Advantages of Choosing Wooden Flooring 

  • Enjoy doing exercises on the ground: Dreading doing planks because of carpet burns on your elbows? Having a solid foundation of wooden flooring can help you enjoy doing exercises on the ground without causing any burns or bruises. 
  • Promotes good indoor air quality: Wooden flooring is one of the most sustainable options out there. Because you’ll be working up a sweat in your home gym, the strain of exercising can lead to a buildup of carbon dioxide. But the benefit of wooden flooring is that it’s a carbon-neutral option that decreases carbon dioxide emissions by creating a good balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air. 
  • More shock-absorbent: A clean, smooth surface is ideal for working out. Not only will it protect your equipment from wear and tear, but it’s also essential for good athletic performance. Throughout your workout, you might find yourself dropping weights on the ground. In these instances, it’s essential that the flooring you choose is shock-absorbent and can handle the impact. Wooden floors are equipped with foam-backing, which makes them the ideal choice to prevent injuries. 
  • Attractive and functional design: The nicer your home gym looks, the more likely you are to use it. Wooden flooring is a classic choice for any room in your house and can instantly upgrade the space. 

With exceptional wooden flooring options available, selecting the best one for your home gym can be a challenge. To set up the perfect gym flooring in Dubai, visit Nordic Homeworx and consult with one of our in-house experts to view our extensive wooden flooring collection.

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