Flooring Ideas To Create The Perfect Scandinavian Vibe In Your Home

October 15, 2019

People and their concept of homes have drastically changed over the years. From small, cozy and slightly cluttered homes, people are now moving towards large and spacious living spaces with minimal furniture and interior decor. This is one reason why Scandinavian style interiors are gaining a lot of popularity all over the world.

With its sleek, minimalistic interiors, warm colors and use of natural materials, Scandinavian style can look either rustic or very futuristic. In this blog, we will look into this interior style and learn more about the wooden flooring ideas for the perfect Scandinavian look.

The art of simplicity

Simplicity is the key to Scandinavian interiors. Homes styled in this manner use warm color to bring the comfort of home, but keep the furniture and interior elements to the bare minimum. Clean lines and scaled-down look adds to the understated elegance of these living spaces. The style features earthy tones and blend it with natural materials like wood and indoor plants, drawing the attention away from the accessories and trinkets into the actual space.

Play with light and air

As the Scandinavian countries are very dark and cold during the winter months, the people there have a natural affinity towards light and air. Every interior design is made to include a lot of light and air. Often, large floor length mirrors are placed opposite windows to reflect the wooden floors, open spaces and nature outside. This, in turn, makes the rooms look larger.

Vintage looks and functional spaces

Most Scandinavian interiors use vintage furniture designs with sleek edges and distinctive hues. As the walls are predominantly white or ivory colored and the wooden floors are in light colors, these sharp design elements will liven up the ambiance of the room.

Even so, these homes are made to stand out when it comes to functionality. Scandinavian homes are practical spaces where everything has its own space. Built-in storage and furniture hides away all the clutter and helps maintain the rooms as clean and beautiful spaces.


The role of wood

In Scandinavian homes, the use of wood is not limited to the floors. This natural material can be found at the base of most of the furniture and other interior elements. From floor to ceiling you can find wooden elements, most designed from light-colored oak.

Even the wooden floors follow the same style. Most homes have pale, white or grey toned wooden flooring that blends seamlessly with the white toned walls. White toned oak wood with a white matt varnish or oil finish is used for flooring, creating an effortlessly warm and soft look for the rooms.

People also opt for light gray-toned wood floors that complement the walls and furniture. These floors are slightly unconventional but add to the minimalistic charm of the interiors, creating the spacious visual effect as always. By balancing the hues of the walls and the floor, the interiors create the effect of bright airy space with lots of room to move around.

In short, Scandinavian interior designs are great for homeowners who like light, spacious and minimalistic homes that are warm and welcoming at the same time. Are you a fan of this style? Visit our showroom today to check out a wide selection of white and grey-toned wood floors for your Scandinavian style home.


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