How To Get Contemporary Design Into Your Interior

May 16, 2020

When designing your home with a contemporary fashion style, there are many aspects that need to be well catered to from the very start. Contemporary elements as a style of interior decor involve keeping the furniture and its respective counterparts simple yet well textured to allow the space to reflect a sense of timelessness and class. To get started on this design style, a couple of tips could be of optimal help when selecting and combining patterns, textures, and materials and creating a contemporary home of your dreams. 

1. Determining A Color Scheme

As you begin planning the interiors for your home, deciding a color scheme can be a good start to the process. A color scheme keeps in mind a lot of aspects like the style of the house, the light filtering in through the windows, the number of openings present as well as space availability among many more. 

As the trend goes, selecting one color and sticking to similar tones for the entire room can help any space give off a contemporary feel. No matter how dark or light your color choice is for your space, having a good contrast to the color scheme is important to allow for its radiance to be truly seen. 

This is ensured by wooden flooring that is available in a range of finishes, color tones as well as patterns that match well with a variety of signature contemporary designs and styles. For a dark theme, choosing a mid-dark or dark tone of flooring can help complete the look. Any specific shade such as ash grey or deep red mahogany can also be created or ordered for your satisfaction.

2. Incorporating the Infrastructure

The number of pillars, their shape as well as the shape of the rooms and entire house structure, influences how you choose the design that’s best fit for your interiors. The infrastructure of your home can influence the process of determining an appropriate pattern or combination that will suit the setting well. For example, when it comes to matching wooden floors with narrow hallways and rooms, a herringbone pattern of laying wooden planks is highly recommended.

This is because the intricate chevron-shaped patterns allow for the space to look larger than it is by drawing the eye outwards rather than inside the space. A dutch or varying wood strip pattern can suit a multitude of spaces and complement different materials and textures that are incorporated within your contemporary style of furniture. 

3. Keeping In Mind the Entry of Light

If your place is well lit with natural sunlight, you can further increase the feeling of airiness and expanse by choosing light-toned furniture and decor. Ochre, olive, baby pink, pastel colors and similar lighter shades reflect this feel and vibe in your space. These colors go well with a darker tone of wood flooring as it provides contrast – the colors will stand out more and catch the eye. Also, the house will highlight its contemporary feel when minimal furniture is used in combination with wood flooring.

The floors can also become a statement piece in such styling. As for homes that opt for spotlights to focus on decor and furniture, using a lighter tone of flooring can prove to be a better choice. In this way, the available light is reflected more thoroughly and the space will look brighter and more spacious than it is, feeding in further to the contemporary fashion of interiors. 

By taking into account all of the above factors, you can be ensured of a more thorough planning process when selecting interiors for your home. If you still feel the need for some professional assistance from a group of experts, our team at Nordic Homeworx is always here to help you make your dreams and ideas a reality be it for floors, windows, or other wood installations.

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