Here’s What You Need to Know About Wooden Floors to Match Your Furniture

September 8, 2020

Choosing wooden floor designs is an intricate process on its own where you need to consider the kind of furniture, decor amongst many other factors that will go best with the designs you chose. There are various consultants who you can refer to and seek out for expertise on how to match your furniture and interiors with the flooring. Through the following steps, you can ensure the perfect selection of wooden floors for your home or office. 

Opposites Attract

Variations in colors can work wonders if combined in the right manner. Dark-colored wood fits perfectly with light furniture as opposite colors are capable of forming a cohesive theme within your home. The same goes for light wood floors that complement well with dark-toned furniture. It works perfectly in both ways and it is one of the many reasons why wood floors are much easier to work with when designing interiors for any space. 

Wooden Floors With Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture matched with wooden floors is a preferable and highly desirable option by many. The combination gives off a cozier and warmer look to a room, which is a reason why the complements are set up across both homes and offices. With this option, it is recommended to have the shade and finish of the furniture to be well-matched with the floors for a synchronous look.

Use Metallic Colours

If you add metallic colors to your décor, you can highlight your space like no other. Metallic tones match really well with oak floors and can provide an elegant yet glamorous outlook to your room. With elements of gold and silver, the room will have a wonderful finishing touch. For example, if your dining table has a silver metallic color, it will complement light-toned wooden flooring. 


If you have any concerns about monochromous combinations, you can add accessories to your space to make it look more inviting and appealing. Colorful throw pillows, table decorations, wall décor, and lamps can make a huge difference. 

Complimentary Looks Go A Long Way

If you want to go for a serene look that radiates positivity and brightness, considering light wooden floors is the way to go. Furthermore, you can accentuate the room with various decor that can add a touch of color to your space that falls on the same color spectrum of your light-hued floors. 

At Nordic Homeworx, you can browse through the best options for wooden floors in Dubai with optimal quality to match with your interiors. 

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