How To Care For Your Wooden Floors During Summer

July 7, 2022

The Middle East summertime is full of fun and outdoor activities, but it could also mean rising heat and humidity all over the place. With the rising temperatures, those who have wood flooring in their home should know these simple steps and techniques in maintaining and taking good care of hardwood floors all summer days.

Minimize Direct Exposure to UltraViolet (UV) rays or sunlight

Just like how you put sunscreen on to protect your skin from the sun, the same care should also go to your floor investment. The heat of the weather and the harsh direct sunlight could fade sections of your flooring and may cause an uneven appearance or discoloration. The same UV rays that cause sunburn to your skin damage your wooden floors, which causes them to age faster.

To protect your wooden floors against harsh UV rays, you can install blinds or curtains with bright and summer patterns to keep your space fresh and light while protecting your floors from being damaged. You can opt to close them during the hottest days of the month to keep harsh light from aging your wooden flooring in Dubai heat.

If you have the option to install and change a new windowsill, you can consider having a low e-glass window, which is a good alternative for protecting your floors from the most destructive rays of light outdoors.

Additionally, your air conditioning system could also be of great help in maintaining the ideal humidity of your space which is perfect for your wooden floors. Air conditioners can naturally reduce humidity in your home, so you can consider turning them on during the hottest and most humid days of the summer break.

Watch Your Indoor Humidity Level

The summer season brings high moisture content, which can inflict damage on your hardwood floors. Knowing the implications of such humidity levels enables you to take appropriate measures to keep the humidity in your home within the ideal range of 35-55% or between 60° and 75°F.

To avoid these problems, consider buying a dehumidifier for your space as it will soak up moisture in the air, help keep humidity levels low, and help prevent excessive shrinkage.

One of the most effective ways to avoid moisture and keep your wood floor in good condition is to keep the humidity in your home stable all year round. You can help reduce the number of crevasses and partitioning in your household by stabilizing the humidity levels and keeping them at a consistent level throughout the summertime.

Keep Your Floors Clean All The Time

You can never go wrong by cleaning your wooden floors right away, but cleaning also means appropriately using the right cleaning tools.

Vacuuming is more advisable than sweeping because it removes dirt and dust from between the floorboards. Use a bare floor attachment instead of a vacuum beater bar, as it may damage the hardwoods. Try to vacuum your hardwood floors on a regular basis to ensure that dirt is removed instantly, as the dirt in these cracks can begin to form a residue that is difficult to remove when you don’t clean it right away.

Always clean up any spills or stains because you don’t want all the tiny particles to seep between the floorboards and deform your wooden floors. If you are able to, you can also install tough-bristled mats to wipe your shoes on, or you have the option to remove your shoes before walking inside the door to avoid tiny rocks that may be inserted between the floors.

As the Middle East and Dubai have scorching summer heat, it is important to have tips and techniques on how to take care properly of your wooden floors. But aside from that, it would be better to source high-quality types of wood for your flooring needs. With the numerous wooden flooring companies in Dubai, here in Nordic Homeworx, we provide the highest quality flooring solutions in the UAE and the Middle East. We specialize in the supply and installation of the highest quality wood flooring on the market. Book a consultation with us here for more information.

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