November 1, 2012

This lovely studio apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden shows how easily you can create a lovely and functional space even in a small place. The mix between the old and rustic works perfectly against the modern couch and the black and white posters – it makes it all more interesting. The 3-strip natural oak floors are extremely common in Sweden – found in nearly every home. 3-strip oak floors are not only extremely versatile with regards to interior design styles and colour schemes, but will surely cozy up a space while remaining timeless and durable for many years, requiring very minimal maintenance.

Kährs has an extremely wide range of 3-strip oak floors, available in different sizes and finishes. Oak Heidelberg from Kährs European Naturals Collection is a perfect match to the floor seen in this apartment.

Images by Alvhem Mäkleri & Kährs

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