Interior Design Ideas That Perfectly Match A Rustic Wooden Flooring

December 1, 2020

Encompassed with a wide range of wooden colors and textures, a rustic wooden floor is a design that perfectly fits in for any space. Be it your residence or office flooring, the deep rich patinas with knots and saw teeth marks give rustic floors their best finishings and features. The classic trend effortlessly combines with contemporary furnishing to bring out a modern yet cozy feel to your home. For those who are keen on interior decorations, rustic flooring is the ideal pick with its ability to blend and highlight décor, offering more attraction to space. Here we will talk about a few interior design ideas that can perfectly fit your selected rustic wooden floorings and complement the theme of your home in an optimal manner.

The White Backdrop

White walls are an excellent set for any color that can make your premises look more spacious and mix well with the selected wood color of your home flooring. You can choose your wall paintings and other arts from a wide range of color tones and patterns as white backdrops can blend with any of the colors. The classy, contemporary look is popular across retail and commercial spaces as well.

Open Space Design

Most people prefer wide-open areas with the same flooring throughout the entire expanse. These open space designs can output a perfect ambiance if you choose the right amount of color and contrast in your selected rustic wood. From a variety of shades of Oak, Mapel, Cherry, and many other wood species, you can choose the optimal color to obtain the preferred outcome.

Warmth To Living Rooms

When dealing with your interior design selection, living rooms need to take prominence where everyone sits together to watch their favorite TV show or spend time with the family. You can select a large sofa to get along with the rich color of your selected rustic wood floorings to effectively design your space. A rug and few wall arts can complete the comprehensive look of your living area with minimal but rich design textures.

Trendy Kitchen

A dark-colored rustic wooden floor is preferred over anything else as the kitchen is a high traffic area and gets more scratches compared to the other regions of your home. The good news is that these scratches and dents can adapt to the realistic nature of the rustic wood and be a part of it. 

Also, a kitchen with marble countertops can beautifully complement the floor to provide an exquisite look. With the design world moving towards minimalism, sleeker options for lighting are favored to set the right ambiance. You can use the same texture for your break out or dining area for a well-blended look.

The magnificent look of rustic wood flooring can give limitless options for your interior designs once you have decorated your floors with the apt colored and textured planks. The rich contrasts of timber along with a contemporary décor can bring the best of your premises with an extravagant look.

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