Introducing The New Fad: Why Whitewashed Wooden Floors Are Trending

January 8, 2021

The wooden floor colors have evolved over the last few decades and are opting for authentic looks with lighter shades. These trendy whitewashed wooden floors give a soft and smooth finish with an added brightness to your space. The light neutral hues of engineered wood flooring will keep your premises up-to-date and will remain stylish for years to come. This article will delve into the whitewashed wooden floor types that are trending at the moment for your reference.

The Trending Floor Style

A whitewashed floor gives a nice touch of color while still reflecting the wood’s graining and natural beauty. The many white shades of white can be used extensively in different areas of your home to bring a more sophisticated look to your premises.

The clean, soft look with a modern appearance is an ideal backdrop and can complement a wide range of upholstery and other crafts. The style also benefits from its ability to show narrow or small spaces to appear larger than they exist.

Whitewashed Flooring Styles

Here are a few wood species and styles that you can choose from your home flooring company to decorate your space with an upgraded stylish look.

Whitewashed oak – whitewood of oak comes with a cleaner grain and adds elegant beauty to the floor. These wood planks will bring warmth to your flooring, reflecting comfort in style.

Classic chevron – You can use this popular parquetry pattern to complement your floor with a whitewashed finish. 

Rustic grade – Combining the tones of light gray with white will add many characters to your flooring. The rustic texture of your selected wooden species will reclaim the timber for a modern feel.

Lighter walnut – These wood planks have warm grey tones with white distress marked all over the timber. The flooring features a smooth, sculpted texture for a clean design.

Reasons For The Demand

The top reason for the trend of whitewashed floors is the texture and its dimensions.  The wide planks give a modern, spacious, and airy look to space for an increased coziness.  The style has the ability to make timber with more characters into a softer and matte appearance.

If your premises have a darker room, a whitewashed floor can rebalance the light, creating a brighter space.  The feature also demanded its luxurious, open effect look. The flooring can blend seamlessly with a wide range of home-style designs.

You can choose your upholstery and rugs in almost any color with this clean backdrop without any restrictions to your interior designing taste. The natural reflecting features of white maximize the light in the rooms making a more cheerful atmosphere to your premises.

A Whitewashed floor will bring an upscale contemporary style to your premises, and you will have many styles to choose from these wood flooring designs. Ensure to contact the best professionals in home flooring for installation purposes. At Nordic Homeworx you can find quality and expressive designs along with whitewashed expressions.  Contact the best wooden flooring company in Dubai for professional consultation.

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