Making Sustainable Choices When It Comes To Flooring For Your Home

October 21, 2022

Greener flooring solutions have become increasingly popular among homeowners in recent years. Sustainable practices help to decrease one’s carbon footprint while making the planet safer for everyone. When developing homes and other structures, adding environmentally sustainable solutions can increase the property’s worth for generations to follow. Furthermore, ecologically friendly choices frequently result in a healthier atmosphere for families living at home.

Why not start from the ground up if you want to create a green and sustainable home for your family? There are numerous flooring solutions that offer a sustainable, safe, and sturdy flooring foundation. With this guide on eco-friendly flooring, you can make the most beneficial decision for your home and the environment.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood has always been a popular option for house flooring. Wood is a sustainable resource, and there are organizations working to guarantee that wood is harvested ethically and does not increase deforestation. Wood flooring options are durable and lasting. Solid wood flooring has the potential to withstand a lifetime or more. In fact, hardwood floors may survive hundreds of years with proper care, which is why natural wood floors can still be seen in many older homes around the country. Here are other types of hardwood flooring you might consider:

  • Reclaimed Wood – Old warehouses, railroad cars, military constructions, underground pillars, deconstructed houses, and even timbers recovered from the bottoms of rivers are all sources of reclaimed wood. It is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring solutions around. It prevents the wood from decomposing or ending up in a landfill, minimizes the need to plant and harvest more trees, and sustains the reduce-reuse-recycle formula vital in the sustainability equation.
  • Engineered Wood – Engineered hardwood flooring provides it all when it comes to environmentally friendly components. It is a natural material made of actual wood. Manufacturers create a durable and lasting solution out of slow-growing hardwood trees by combining a veneer of solid wood and a core of plywood from recycled resources. It makes engineered hardwood a more environmentally friendly flooring alternative. Engineered hardwood flooring also offers low VOC levels, especially when nontoxic and ecologically friendly treatments are used. Fewer chemicals imply cleaner air in your home and less pollution in the surrounding environment.

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is a household name in the field of eco-friendly flooring solutions. It provides the same properties as wood, but it is grass that may regenerate itself in as short as five years. It means you can have attractive floors while still helping to preserve old-growth forests. Furthermore, bamboo offers many advantages, such as a classic appearance, long-lasting durability, and diversity in grain, texture, and stain colors. Bamboo is also available in various textures that complement any setting or style. Its versatile grains and extensive range of colors provide it a competitive advantage by allowing for customization that is rarely found elsewhere.

Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring is becoming popular as a flooring option because of its sustainability characteristics. Cork is produced from an oak tree’s bark, which regrowth in three years, making it a good renewable resource. Cork floors, in addition to being a sustainable material, naturally prevent molds, mites, and other allergens, making them ideal for maintaining the air quality in your home. It includes naturally high quantities of suberin, which provides antibacterial characteristics to the material. And the cork’s cellular structure makes it impenetrable, robust, and an excellent choice for thermal and sound insulation.

Consider the options we’ve mentioned above if you’re in the market for new flooring and prefer flooring options sourced from sustainable materials to keep your family and the environment healthier. And if you’re leaning towards hardwood flooring, here at Nordic Homeworx is an extensive portfolio of sustainable and environmentally friendly flooring options. We are willing to assist you with your flooring needs.

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