How To Mix And Match Different Wood Flooring Patterns Under One Roof

July 15, 2020

Different spaces require different kinds of flooring. Each unit of space serves a definitive purpose, and this means that each room will require different interior designs to meet its purpose. This frame of thought applies to floor solutions as well. Large living spaces can have dark colors to radiate a feeling of warmth, whereas bedrooms can have lighter colors to exhibit the illusion of increased space. 

You can indeed use differently patterned wooden flooring for different spaces to meet a style requirement. However, you still do not want to use a mixture of colors that do not blend, as this can make your spaces look messy and uncoordinated. Each part of the house will be furnished and decorated differently; this allows you to experiment with the various types of wooden flooring. You can make a style statement by mixing up colors to exhibit the alternative feel each room has. 

Some of the different factors you need to consider while mixing patterns are:


We would recommend the use of wide planks in large spaces to reduce the number of seams and show-off the charm of the wooden floors. 


Make it a point to consider the undertones of the furniture, cabinet, and trims before picking different wooden floors. Although mixing colors is a nice idea, it is not ideal to pick contrasts that do not complement the rest of the furnishings. 

Another factor to consider before selecting color is the purpose of the room. If it is a cozy living room or dining table area, you can select darker tones, which will emit a feeling of warmth and intimacy. Lighter tones are the right choice if you want your spaces to be bright and airy. Lighter hued floors will reflect the natural light and offer the illusion of increased space.

There is also the option of going with neutral colors like grey; these colors are always in style and complement most interior designs. 


Each room usually has a unique feel to it, and it is important that the wooden floors also share the same mood of the room. A contemporary floor design may not be appropriate for a traditional space and vice versa. Make sure to study the look of the room before deciding the wooden floors.

You can use parquet flooring for a chic work area and oakwood floors for a rustic dining space. The goal is to mix and match in a sense that befits the tone of each area.

Different Types Of Wooden Flooring

You can experiment with not just the colors but also with the different patterns of wooden flooring we offer. Parquet flooring solutions like the herringbone collection can be paired with other plank wood to highlight and draw attention to different spaces. This pairing can be done in hallways, galleries, and kitchen spaces.

The experts in our flooring company can guide you with the different types of wooden flooring options. At Nordic Homeworx, we provide a variety of wood floors to suit your distinct requirements. Contact us at to get detailed information about the different services we provide.

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