Modern Pieces For Your Home That Will Pair Perfectly With Hardwood Flooring

October 7, 2022

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice in all types of homes. This versatile flooring alternative is beloved for its functionality and aesthetics, adding wonderful texture and a sense of warmth to every room in your home. Because this surface material is so noticeable and makes a statement in any place, it is essential to choose wall colors, furniture, and decorations that complement your wooden floors.

In this article, we’ll look at how to match wooden floors with the perfect modern furniture styles to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and accentuate your flooring flawlessly. Here are some ideas to take into consideration.

Mix and Match Design Contrasts

The first styling “principle” you should be aware of is that contrasts perform a great job to enhance the overall room design, break any monotony, and make particular pieces stand out. Here are modern pieces to mix and match:

  • A dark piece of furniture, particularly a leather sofa, would be ideal for moderating a vibrant light wooden floor.

  • Light fabrics and frame materials complement dark wooden floors perfectly.

  • Embroidered pillows, blankets, and faux sheepskin accents can be used to make contrast furnishings and flooring more captivating and unique.

  • Softer textiles and area rugs help balance the visual weight and firmness of wood. Consider softening the surface with sheepskin or lambswool, and introduce airy textiles like window coverings or cotton linens.

Choose Timeless Furniture Pieces

Find a balance between having glamorous décor selections and sticking to the standard design patterns to get the most out of your home interior. You can be creative with your accessories, but choose furniture pieces with a timeless style enhanced by modern features of comfort and aesthetics. It ensures that your furniture choices would suit your hardwood floors, but here are a few other important considerations:

  • Leather is a timeless material that will complement any style of hardwood floor.

  • You can also explore with fabric furniture in the bedroom, such as a fabric bed frame, or on gentle wooden surfaces.

  • You can pair timeless furniture with a warm carpet or area rug in specific places of the room.

  • Increase the look and feel with modern cabinetry, sleek hardware, glass lamps, and metallic light fixtures.

  • Layer painted pieces to achieve a contrasted look, such as incorporating a painted island bar and brightly colored stools in the kitchen area.

Wood on Wood Interior Design

Mixing and matching materials can be challenging to make the space appear and feel more colorful and energetic. It is why matching similar decoration pieces such as wood-on-wood interior design would also be a good idea. Here are ways to achieve it:

  • To connect the area together, use wood elements in modest proportions, such as on furniture legs or with accessories like picture frames.

  • Combine wood flooring and furniture with varying textures and stains, but try to combine wood finishes with a similar undertone, such as wooden tables and metal chairs.

  • It is evident that hardwood is an incredibly versatile material, so while mixing and matching your wood, remember to make use of the various shapes and forms it can take. For instance, you can pair a rectangular dining table with chairs with soft curves and obtuse angles.

There are numerous fantastic flooring options available, but there is something special about the timeless elegance and feel of wood. That’s why follow these guides to complement your stunning hardwood floor with the perfect furniture pieces in your home. Additionally, to help you source high-quality hardwood flooring types, we offer custom flooring here in Nordic Homeworx. With our endless portfolio of wood flooring designs, we can perfectly match your flooring options to your modern furniture pieces.

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